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Thread: 270 with 130 grn Bullets

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    270 with 130 grn Bullets

    Hi Guys, Anyone loading these with Varget or Hodgdens H4350 . Loading for my Parker Hale and just wanted some loads to start.

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    Varget is too fast IMO
    rl22, n160, 4831 etc are all good choices for 270/130gr

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    i use 55 grains h4350 in my 270 with barnes 130 gr tsx, through a tikka t3, its max load in barnes manual but no presure signs and 1/4 groups at 100 yards, works for me but start at 53 grains and work up

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    Is correct.

    For that sake of 40, buy an appropriate powder.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I use IMR 4895 for 130gr 270Win loads

    Nolser shows for IMR 4350 a starting load of 51.0 and a max load of 55.0 grs

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    4350 in the IMR brand used to be, for the 270 Winchester and 130 grain bullets, one of the great "go to" powders before 4831 (in Hodgdon brand) arrived on the scene post-WW II if you read the books of the 1950s and 1960s.

    I did try IMR 4350 in my 270 WCF, albeit with 150 grain bullets and found that it didn't give any "terrors" in terms of pressure spikes or high pressures BUT that it didn't offer any benefit over H 4831 either.

    You won't go wrong with IMR 4350 but, unless you already have that powder, bought, paid for and in your powder cabinet, things move on and H 4831 and the likes of Vihtavouri N 160 or Reloder 22 now are a better choice.

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    I have shot hundreds of deer with the loads pictured below.
    Start 10% lower and work up.

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    Looks like a trip to the gunshop . I will stick with N160 its just that I,ve run out and was wondering if what I had to hand would do.

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    I have just run out of N160 and gone to H4831sc. I agree with above that Varget is too fast I use it in my 22-250.

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    I used 4831 and 4350 for both 130 and 150 grn bullets in my 270. Either was good.~Muir

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