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Thread: Wild sika in Bedfordshire?

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    Wild sika in Bedfordshire?

    Are there any sika in bedfordshire?
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    Yes. Manchurian escapees from Woburn years ago.

    Also some wild Formosan in Oxford, believed from Cornbury, and seen some Formosans wild in Kent but not sure where they were from.

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    Some escaped from a park nr oundle ,wild populations reported nr Kettering and Peterborough don't see why they are not around bedford

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    Picked one up dead on A43 near the M40 junction 10, about 12 years ago. There was a few around Northants Bucks just south of Silverstone believed to have come from a nearby park.
    Our local Huntsman used to see 5 red Hinds with a Sika stag regulary same area about same time. Wf1

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    Yes most definitely wild sika in Bedfordshire
    have shot several over the years
    have also shot sika near Stamford as already mentioned escapees from a deer park
    regards andy

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