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Thread: Foxpro opinions please

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    Foxpro opinions please

    I would like some opinions from experienced users please. I know nothing about these units and would like some help.
    All I can really see myself using are British rodent calls, corvids and fox calls. So wont need the hundreds of other calls some of these units can hold.
    I understand you can add others later if required, am I wright?
    I would like a remote range of approx. 100m, and only need a realistic max volume! I live in S Wales and I'm not trying to pull in any from across the Severn bridge!! lol
    Please advise which would best suit my needs, how much it will cost, and where will I get one from.

    Many thanks in advance for any help



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    Foxpro are very very good have called foxes, crows, magpies, stotes,weasels and owls if they can't tell the differance what chance do I have.

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    Excellent product. It's a case of how much you want to spend and how often you will use it. They have a range from about 200 up to 500. Start with Bushwear to see which suits you and go from there.
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    Evening Lee,if you would like to try before you buy then drop us a pm and you can have a borrow of mine for an evening,if we are not too far appart

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    I got a Foxpro Spitfire and was expecting great results due to what I'd read but it didn't work for me.
    I tried a lot of variations of set up with distance ,wind direction etc and I used every call available on the two cards supplied.
    I stopped using it because it was so unsuccessful.It sat in a cupboard gathering dust so I eventully sold it.
    I went back to using mouth blown calls with far better results.
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    I apologise to the OP for hijacking, but I too am currently looking at a new caller not the foxpro but the mini colibri, for both fox and for bird photography mainly grey crows and magpies. Any experiences on this little caller ? pocket size appeals more to me if it's worth buying.


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    i have had the fox pro fury for over a year now, it has proved its worth to me, have called in foxes with it in the pouring rain to a point I have had to shut it off.

    I use a handful of calls little and often i find works

    they are a handy piece of kit to use when the time arises, I wouldn"t have thought they would work all the time particularly on the same bit of ground unless you removed every charlie that showed interest.

    wouldn't part with mine good bit of kit when a change is needed they sound brilliant

    i always take the batteries out each time drain em back and recharge to max and keep em out the machine until they are needed as they drained off when i left them in apart from that solid bit of kit


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    i have the spitfire (no longer made??)

    and in the time i have had it i, sorry we have taken close to 140 charlies with it,

    works well for us and i have built a weather proof one that i can extend the range from around 150 to 250 yards and thats a leave in the field and withdraw one that works so well its daft.

    my mate has the calibri and like it, but he did drop it once and it smashed very easily but was fixed, not my cup of tea but there you go,



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    Thanks for the feedback guys
    Pm in-bound Dave.

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    I think one of the problems with users that dont get on with the foxpro range could come down to not using them to their best advantage. Before you switch on you need to bear in mind that a fox has the ability to hear worms moving under the soil - can pinpoint a sound it hears from 300+ yards to within 2 yards - in other words it has exeptional hearing and a location sensor. If you put the unit out at 100 yds and can easily hear it, then it is too loud. A 5 second burst with a 2 minute delay is all that is needed - a continuous sound has the opposite affect in calling a fox in.

    I have the Foxpro Scorpion, had it about 6 years, shoot around 80 to 100 each year (have a self imposed season from mid June to mid October on the foxes) using exclusively n/v. Favourite call - depends what sort of field I am in. Never use rabbit calls, but most used are the vole squeak, rat in distress or (my favourite) the snowshoe hare - unfamiliar noise to a fox who cannot resist come and investigate it.

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