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Thread: Who poo?

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    Who poo?

    Noticed these droppings on the top of a pheasant feeder today. The feeder is a 45 gallon drum with a large sheet of tin and blocks of wood atop. The droppings are very similar to rabbit but i can't see a rabbit getting up there, any ideas?
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    No don't think so, squirrel droppings are like rat or guinea pig long and thin. These are quite fibreous!

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    Definitely squirrel ,

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    Tom it's obvious what happened,
    the Easter Bunny dropped one whilst hopping over your hopper

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonty h View Post
    Tom it's obvious what happened,
    the Easter Bunny dropped one whilst hopping over your hopper
    Or as in this case he dropped three .
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    There are rabbits around the feeders but I can't believe they would jump on top of a piece of overhanging tin. Unless someone has put them there!
    If you Google images of squirrel dropping you'll see what I mean about it being more elongated. On the other hand you might be onto something with the easter bunny, perhaps we have a squabbit

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    Don't know how it got up there but its without a doubt a rabbit.

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    The Squirrels on my patch do round terds , but to be sure if they taste of nuts its Squirrel

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    Maybe because it was sitting while ****ing ,it flattened the pointy bit on the way out????

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