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Thread: Recipe for Sako 75 243

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    Recipe for Sako 75 243

    I'm going to take the plunge and start reloading (after looking at the price of factory loads in Sportsman yesterday!).

    The physical side of reloading isn't too daunting, but it's where to start with powders/bullets etc?? I don't want to fork out a fortune on powders that don't suit my rifle/bullet choice, so has anyone got a good starting point for a Sako 75 stainless in 243? Heard that Hornady 87gn bullets suit the 1:10 twist rate, but what about powders??

    Cheers in advance!

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    Hornady 87grn V-max bullets are certainly very good but hard to get and expensive. If I were you, I would start out with some basic 80grn soft points or spitzers from Sierra or Speer. H414 or H380 are good, versatile powders that measure and flow well and are quite easy to get at the moment. Reloading is not rocket science but my advice is to start simple. Powder type and weight is less critical than you think (as long as its consistant), bullet seating depth is important. Buy plenty of bullets, primers and powder and get out on the range! Plenty of good advice on here especially for a tried and tested calibre like the .243 Win. Happy loading! JC

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    bullry choice

    th first question is "what do I intend to shoot with this?" if the answer is fox then the bullet of choice can be up to 80 85 gr. soft, hollow or ballistic tip varminting bullet. Speer tnt, sierra blitz king or pro hunter (in lighter weights) hornady vmax are mustard.

    if the answer is deer, then i would suggest you try a 100 gr bullet to see how it behaves from your rifle. If it shoots a group then stay with it. I would look for a standard bonded or locked bullet big or medium game marked by the makers. hornadies interlock (2450) is my favourite, speers 90 or 105 gr hot cor are good. as are speers 100 gr spbt.... but they are a touch more frangible.

    sierra gamekings and prohunters are a good bullet. but they are not bonded so are more prone to seperation. In my view deer bullets in .243 win are best bonded or locked so they stay together well.

    If your answer was fox and deer, then go for the deer bullet.

    as for powder. find one that you can always get... viht powders are good for availability as are hodgdon and alliant.

    I hope this has helped!


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    Hi All,

    As with 75, I am in exactly the same position.

    I have ordered my Lyman Tag II Expert Kit + dies and shell holder.

    I was very interested in what ruki had to say regarding what he uses.

    ruki, could you list your powder, bullet & the primer you use.

    Also what loading details you use.

    I have exactly the same rifle as 75. My quarry is both deer and foxing. Mainly deer. I am also off to the isle of arran with BASC to cull hinds in November, so range and impact is important.


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    aurthursc - griffshrek kindly sent me a lengthy PM which was very helpful - I've forwarded it on and hope griffshrek doesn't mind.

    All the best


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    arthursc, any info emanating from Griff will stand you in good stead, but be prepared to have your leg pulled if you take a"Girly Gun" to Arran! Steve.

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    any info emanating from Griff will stand you in good stead, but be prepared to have your leg pulled if you take a"Girly Gun" to Arran! Laughing Laughing
    ......I sense it's started already..

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    i dont mind at all....neil
    ps as long as its not the one about the nun,the poet and the plumber

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    For fox i use 55gr combined tech ballistic tips with 47 gr of h380, 51gr is the max charge. Still plenty fast enough. For deer i use lapua 100 gr sp with 36.5 of h380. 36gr is the listed max for 100gr heads so work your way up to it. And 36gr with 100gr hornady interlocks. All h380. Nice clean powder. I have the T mag expert kit too. A good set that should last you well. Cheers Gavin.

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    Hi Farmer,

    I am impressed with the kit so far. Have been diligent with full length resizing and de priming the cases. Used Ultrasonic cleaner and the cases came out shining even the primer seats are clean.

    AM loading as per Vhit. 100gr Hornady BTSP, Vhit N160 and cci bench press primers.
    MAX load for N160 is 46.9gr. COl is 2650. My Load is starting at 45gr, COL 2650. crimped. Will work up .1gr will load 5 and work up. Start load is stated as 44.6 so middle of road to get an idea. Using Federal Cases.


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