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Thread: Horizontal zero change on removing moderator

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    Horizontal zero change on removing moderator

    When I remove my moderator my rifle groups 6cm higher which I understand but also 1.5cm to the left at 100m. Is this normal? Or perhaps I am flinching anticipating a louder bang etc? The reason I ask is I am toying with buying a scope with a ballistic turret and could then have it set up for 100m and 200m with moderator and 100m without.

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    I know bugger all about ballistics, but when I change bullet weight in a rifle, the same thing happened - it grouped high and to the side... I was assured that this was normal and something to do with the twist of the rifling (Ok I admit I can't really remember why) - so I could concievably see a similar thing happening with removal of the mod.

    That said I have tried shooting with and without mod on one of my rifles and found it made next to no difference.


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    It has to do with the barrel vibrations or harmonics and is to be expected.
    Similar effect to a change in bullet weight but the results can vary from one rifle to another due to stiffness and barrel profile.


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    On of my rifles has a 4" windage change with and without the mod fitted.

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    Bestman : Firstly the point of aim will change when the moderator is removed , I shot approx 20 rounds through a mod every time i removed it for traveling purposes the point of aim changed . (binned it)

    I now don't use any moderators at all ,I don't really see the requirement for them ,Ive taken multiple shots at grouped roe and herded red with plenty of success , without a moderator .

    Your talking about buying a ballistic turreted scope ,with a large objective lens in many cases the moderator can be seen through the scope, especially if your using a lamp mounted on the scope this can cause shine off the moderator .

    The ballistic turreted scopes are the dog gonads, I have the swarovski its the business the quality is fantastic .

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    As the others have said, it is quite normal to find a change in point of impact with and without a moderator. The question is; is the change consistant? if it is, and you remember how much to adjust, then fine, if it is random, as some are, then you have a problem. The only answer is to experiment. The most important thing to know is that you can take the Moderator off for cleaning etc and put it back on with no change of zero. I am lucky, I have two rifles that shoot to the same point with mods on and off but two more that don't. JC

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    Thankfully POI remains the same if I take the mod and then re-attach. The reason I use the mod is I have started to take the dog stalking and I don't wish to deafen it; I also prefer to be unencumbered by ear defenders. As an additional benefit 3 shot groups are now nearer 1/2 inch which I'm told is about as good as it gets with factory ammo.

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    I too noticed a lateral shift in POI without mod on my Tikka .243.

    Luckily for me, on my Tikka, POI doesn't seem to shift much with just taking mod off then putting back on, but it is something I will think about when I buy my next rifle! As I have a stainless barreled Tikka, I do tend to take the mod off after every outing, to prevent corrosion in the threads caused by dissimilar metals (stainless barrel, carbon steel mod).

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