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Thread: DCS Best Practice Guidance

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    DCS Best Practice Guidance

    Has anyone else subscribed to the DCS Best Practice Guides? I have accessed them over the web before:

    Then last week I took the plunge and sent them a cheque for 15 as a one-off subscription. They arrived this morning - 74 A4-sized laminated guidance notes covering everything from deer ecology & behaviour, through putting together a management plan, firearm safety, culling and carcase preparation. Have to say that I was impressed with the document - and there are 9 more guides due to arrive when completed. Lots of good explanatory drawings and photos - I wish I'd they'd been available 10 years ago when I did my DSC1


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    I have two sets one is the old but very good and then i was sent the new and updated set i must say its the best 15 i'v spent, i would recoment them to all

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    I also have them, and to be honest I'm using them as part of my Level 1 cramming before my assessment!

    Did realise there was a charge for them. A mate passed them to me. Must remember to buy him a pint when I see him next


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    I've accessed them online, but haven't subscribed to the hard copies - Is there extra info in the hard copies that is not available online? Or is it just info taken from the site?


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    I have seen the on line version and down loaded quite a lot. Today I saw the hard laminated copy sent to another stalker and I will be sending for mine as soon as possible. Well produced in colour and easy to read. I think well worth 15 especially when they will send you updates.(No I am not a DCS member). Just want to be up on the latest easy to read info at no great cost.

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    It's the same info, but in a much more 'readable' form. I looked at the guidance in more detail last night and it's really very good. Well worth 15.


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    I subscirbed about early last year could'nt beleive the value for money compared to the cost of magazines, it has help me alot covering certain aspects & signs eg tracking etc.

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    Best 15 I've spent; excellent value for money.

    It sticks in my throat to say it after reading the nonsense contained in the Draft Wildlife bill from the organisation, they deserve grudging praise for this excellent quality well produced resource.

    Don't hesitate to buy the BPG, and please respond to the Bill.


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    Received my copy during the week and hve to admit they are well worth the money. Even if it did take a couple of weeks from ordering to getting them. (apparently the only person that can dispatch them was on holiday )

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    Agreement here

    Subscribed to the BPG from the off and have found it to be an excellent resource of clear and concise information. Heartily recommend it to anyone interested in raising their game.

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