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Thread: Ballistic Apps

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    Ballistic Apps

    Where do I find the "Ballistic FTE" app and how do I down load it to my I phone?

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    I use Ballistic by J. Zdziarski and that was just through the normal APP search and downloaded through itune store

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    just search for ballistic in i tunes and it should come up?

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    It's now called Ballistic AE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cumbrian 1 View Post
    It's now called Ballistic AE.
    Plus 1 great little app
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate hunter View Post
    Plus 1 great little app
    Yep, sure is, I have just had my CZ 243 restocked in a custom synthetic and the new S&B PM2 3-20 stuck on top and spent the weekend plinking, my advice is to buy a kestrel 2500 wind meter as it does air pressure, temp and wind speed, it's not worth buying the more expensive one with the humidty sensor as it's effect is negligble. Temp is probably more important as it affects the speed of sound and you will need to go up a click or two once you are past 400 metres in cold weather, my ballistics always require some tweaking of the MV but not much at most I'm only one or two clicks out at 500 metres.

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    I find Shooter app is just as good and easier to use, hardly use Ballistic AE now although it is a great app and works well.

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    Swarovski App or Strelok App are both user friendly and very good.

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    Ballistic AE is good but I find iStrelok far more user friendly and just as accurate. I have found that Ballistic has gone to overboard with all the little silly
    features and pictures and maps etc, OK it might be useful to some people??? But when all your wanting is to calibrate a bullets flight path and windage path Strelok has it done for you in a second and with out all the *****.

    Search on the app store it is on there too, have a play with both they are not expensive and see which one you prefer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tartinjock View Post
    Strelok App are both user friendly and very good.


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