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Thread: Tikka scope mounts

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    Tikka scope mounts

    For Sale I have a set of blued, 1 inch mounts in good used condition which were very briefly on my Tikka 595 and proved to be solid and reliable. They held my S+B 6x42 with enough room to spare for a scope cap (mine is the heavy barrelled version.) I have no box as they were picked up from another forum member, they are stamped "Australia" and appear identical to an item recently posted by another member (Bewsher500 on 18th March, who has kindly allowed me to reference his post) which leads me to think they are Sako/Tikka's own product. Unfortunately, a scope change around has necessitated the purchase of some optilocks so that I can gain some clearance for a larger objective lens.

    I can send some pictures on to those interested, but please bear with me cos my camera has just been involved in an incident with a toddler and a toilet! To get an idea please take a look at the post mentioned above.


    Looking for 30 posted


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    If stamped 'Australia' they'll be made by Hilver, not Sako/Tikka.

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    Ah, thank you for that. Hilver it is then!

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    Any interest before they go on the auction site?

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