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Thread: Larsen not working?

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    Larsen not working?

    I am currently running a couple of larsen traps on the shoot and have cleared almost all of the magpies. All but one group which occupy fields nearest the farm buildings and cottages. Same last year, i just cannot catch the beggers!
    I have not had any released so they should not be educated have tried numerous call birds and bates.

    Any suggestions Doug and Trouble, i thought you might have some ideas?

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    I think i have seen where one pair are nest building this morning, so perhaps give them a wake up call with the shotgun one evening when next there with the lamp.

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    I would delete the above post, or at the very least modify it to remove the illegal use of illumination for the purpose of taking a magpie.

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    Maybe try another call bird to pee em off or put both larsens next to each other so they think it's a new pair on the block .
    ​cheers doug

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    Thanks we will be out lamping foxes and shoot the silhouettes of the birds without the lamp, but thanks for your concern

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    Hi Doug, have tried two birds in the decoy section but not two traps. Perhaps a pairs of cock birds might get more reaction

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    Groups of corvids are usualy signal sex groups and havent set up teratories , put the trap out of sight in a shed for a while and let them set up for a week or so then try again , try some cracked pheasant eggs . Early larsen trapping is good around ponds to start as ducks lay eggs first and corvids know this , its their job

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    Let them start nesting and then put the trap close, try raising the trap off the ground to stop them going round the outside by putting it up on a barrel or similar assuming its a top entry.

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    Are the 'clam' type of larsens mate legal in england. A lot off kepers rave about them north of border for catching tricky birds that walk round the outside. Think there legality was a grey area up here for a while but all sorted and legal now, but i'm not familar with the english general licence differences

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