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Thread: Custom Rifle

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    Custom Rifle

    Has anyone had a rifle built by Neil McKillop; what is it like to use?

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    Not had a rifle built by him, but work on my rifle (Pillar bedding, Crown, trigger), Neil is a genuine guy who is always busy (not a bad sign!), there are a good few people on here like me who have had work done and rifles built by him, I have yet to hear a bad report and would recommend him in an instant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redandroe View Post
    Has anyone had a rifle built by Neil McKillop; what is it like to use?

    Yes I have and it's very nice to use, exactly what I asked for and extremely accurate.

    Quality work, see for yourself:
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    ime having a rifle barreled by neil at the mo 6.5x55 pac-nor stainless ,hes having the barrel vapor blasted for me aswell
    plus fitting a jewel trigger ,hes got a very good rep for building accurate tack drivers ,hes a nice guy to deal with ,and as been said always bizzzzzy
    my rifle is hopefully going to be my go to deer rifle with my old dog of a stock [so not that pritty ]
    ​but have seen some beautiful rifles built by him
    ​some of the lads on UKV use him for there long to very long range varmiting

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    i havent but know many members who have. and you wont go wrong with using neil. i have seen some of the rifles mentioned. not only superbly put together. they shoot stunningly also

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    Here's one I had built by Neil a few years ago and as with many others its a tack driver, also find him very easy to deal with.
    Anglo deer management and training
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    i just bought a 20 practical of a guy was done by him and i zeroed at 200 today hit a 1 inch square at 2oo no problems awsum piece of kit

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    I have one rifle built by Neil. It’s a 223 with a tight neck and long throat. Long story short, Neil took the Stiller Tac 30 action and Jewell trigger and chucked the rest away. This was a new custom rifle I had made by someone else. It was supposed to be an accurate 600m rifle but after 500 plus rounds from new I could not get it to shoot anything better than .5MOA, on a good day with a following wind. It was cr@p.

    I’ve just worked a second new OCW load today. 22 rounds fired from start to finish. The average group from the OCW sweet spot was .164 from a three group sample with an ES 8 fps. I know this kind of result is not guaranteed, but it’s nice to see what a new toy can do when everything goes right.

    To say I’m happy with Neil’s work would be an understatement.


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    I had a 6mmbr built by Neil on a Remington action the gun is still shooting 2" groups at 500yds,it is a rem varmint contour barrel so is used as high seat deer,fox rifle and long range varminter.
    Neil is a great guy to deal with,good value for money and delivers on time,I've also had other guns threaded by him and all work has been 1st rate.

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    Thanks guys, this is exactly what I was expecting. Appreciate the posts.


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