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    Hi there,
    I'm a 33yo aussie now living permanently in the UK. Have shot/hunted since a young lad (raised on a farm) and mostly roo's, goat, fox, deer, buffalo etc...still have a few rifles back home (.308, 30-30, 30.06 and a 12 gauge) and since now living in the UK I'd like to pick deer stalking/hunting here...i live in surrey and as a complete newbie to hunting in uk have a few questions:
    1. do i need a dsc level 1 or 2 for stalking or can i just attend
    2. i understand i need a fire arms cert here...i've got a current/valid hunters and shooters (one is for game the other for pest control etc) licence so can i use it here or do i need to wait to get the fire arms cert to go hunting
    3. are there any possible areas/groups around surrey where i could attend?

    thanks lots for any help/pointers/tips

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    Over gunned and over here .

    Welcome on board.

    The answer to your questions are:

    (1) You don't require a level 1 or 2 to stalk in the UK ,you do require it for enclosed forestry IE forestry commission and other woodland companies ,however most syndicate are now asking for the certification to make sure were all reading of the same page , level 1 is the entry level, the Police also look at this as a stepping stone to the issue of a FAC , the level 1 certificate shows them that you have made genuine and positive interest in deer stalking by competing the level 1 .

    (2) If you have friends here that shoot, he or they may lend you a weapon only if he is there to supervise you ,otherwise you require a FAC/shotgun certificate to stalk and shoot yourself .

    (3) There some syndicate groups within Surrey and Hampshire that may help you out , to find these by advertising on here and other web sites ,personally I'd go to the local gun shop and ask for information on the above matter he should have local information of who's who .

    I hope this gives you a start on the info required to get you back into the shooting and stalking world .

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