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Thread: Optilock Scope Mount Base Short Sako - 40.99 (BASES ONLY)

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    Optilock Scope Mount Base Short Sako - 40.99 (BASES ONLY)

    Optilock Scope Mount Base Short Sako - 40.99 (BASES ONLY) Plus Postage


    Optilock bases and rings are machined from a solid block of steel, Cr-Mo alloy or stainless, just like our rifles. The front bases have a solid angled left side and a similarly angled right side with a clamping device. This base design connected to Sako rifles integral dovetail rail allows you to adjust the horizontal position of the scope objective end without touching the scope adjustment.
    Optilock rings are available in four heights and two diameters: 25,4 (1 in) and 30 mm to fit any scope. The inner scope saver ring is made of polymer and acts as a ball bearing to prevent the scope tube from being deformed.
    The scope mount bases are available in four models for Sako and two for Sako TRG-22/42 rifles. Choice of right base model depends on action length, scope tube length and eyerelief that is needed. Optilock Weaver base makes the use of Optilock rings possible in all rifles with Weaver or Picatinny rails.
    Technical Specification Rings(PDF)
    Technical Specification Bases(PDF)


    1" ME
    1" ME PHO
    1" ME S/S
    25.4 / 26 Medium 35.5 65...73
    1" HI 25.4 / 26 High 40.5 75...83
    30 mm XTRA LO
    30 mm XTRA LO S/S
    30 Extra Low 30.5 55...63
    30 mm LO
    30 mm LO PHO
    30 mm LO S/S
    30 Low 32.5 59...67
    30 mm ME
    30 mm ME PHO
    30 mm ME S/S
    30 Medium 36.5 67...75
    30 mm HI 30 High 40.5 75...83
    34 mm LO PHO 34 Low 35.5 69...77

    Brand New

    Contact Mike at Jelen on 01264 811155 or email us

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    Email on it's way.



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