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Thread: Season dates - problem remembering

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    Season dates - problem remembering

    Hi all

    I've put off doing my DSC1 purely because I cannot remember dates i.e. the open seasons. Its a problem I've had all my life & even my children's birthdays I have to write in my diary every year.

    I have tried using a system like fem-no-mar & buck-ap-oct ie Female-November-March & Buck-April-October but with limited success.

    I may scape through if English dates came up but as for the Scottish ones ...... no chance.

    Anyone got a method for remembering specific dates?


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    looks like two of us pal i've had my new tel number for four weeks can only remember the first six digits so far I am brilliant with working with numbers but remember in is a different case all together. I wood surgest breaking them down into speciaes catorgories most share the same dates then take it to the next step.
    BASC done a quiz on there site late last years surround dates etc for dsc level1 which i found preety good. Ask your children to test you over the weekend, all the best

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    Stalking dates

    You have an E mail (not PM)


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    I haven't been able to come up with a mnemonic for this, but as I recall (bear in mind it was 10 years ago ) on the DSC1 exam in England they only ask you for the English dates. I also seem to remember it was always answer (d)....or maybe that was just what I put

    That makes it a lot easier as really you only need to remember two dates:

    Stags/Bucks (except roe) - 1 Aug to 30 Apr
    All Does/Hinds (plus CWD) - 1 Nov to 31 Mar

    Roebucks are the exception to the above, but they are easy as they are just the reverse of the does - so 1 Apr to 31 Oct

    Muntjac are all year round.


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    season dates

    I am another with a sieve for a memory, I have to rely on she who must be obeyed to get all the cards & dates right, even for my own Mum & Dad /kids from 1st marriage, funny how you can only retain the ones that seem unimportant like grain weights for loads, barrel twists, bullet b.c. etc! , why do they put so much emphasis on it when all you need is an up to date card / aide memoir from b.a.s.c.

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    A variation on the above (it's obviously a quiet day ) but what about remembering:


    Bear with me on this one! It's for close seasons (rather than the open season dates I had above)

    1 April to
    31 October

    1 May to
    31 July

    Then you'd just need to remember that the roe buck close season is 1 November to 31 March.

    Personally I'm 100% with finnbear270 on this one. I can't see any point in forcing people to remember dates when all they need to do is pull out the cheatsheet from BASC.


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