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Thread: which truck

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    which truck

    which double cab to buy vw amarock or toyota invincable any body got experence of either.

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    Got a amarok,nearly 2 years old and never missed a beat pulls trailer ever day and goes off road as much,I can only compare it to the ranger it replaced and the navara before that,but I would,nt swap it for anything else!

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    Hilux every time.....

    Or if you win the lottery: Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 first drive review - Review | Autocar

    Although the military version would do me....

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    The car in front is a toyota
    ​regards andy

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    I bought a D-Max Isuzu, had a few niggles, now wish I'd bought an Anorak. As much as I loved my Landcruiser I don't think Toyota's pickups can hold a candle to the competition regarding seating position, emissions,/road tax and refinement. Fine if you haven't tried anything else but one day you will sit in a V.W and then you will never look at your own truck the same way.

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