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Thread: Puma Original Bowie.

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    Puma Original Bowie.

    Up for sale is my 11-6396 German Puma Bowie with stag horn handle and original double boxed packaging. Leather hand made sheath and never used. Over 30 yo and collectable 145 delivered .

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    that`s almost the prize for a new one.
    I would take it for 120 pounds posted to Austria.

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    The older model is collectable now due to the gold rivets and better steel and engraving.

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    I would like to use it. If you can imagine a little lower prize, please let me know!

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    I will take it for the quoted prize. pm sent

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    Thanks for the offer but i'm not keen on Paypal or the risk to Austria.

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    Austrias' loss could be your gain??

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    Provisionally SOLD.

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    SOLD to Widows Son... is there no hope for him?
    Nice to meet you Bob.

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