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Thread: Muntjac - tough little so and so's?

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    Muntjac - tough little so and so's?

    I remember reading somewhere a few months ago something to the effect that 'Munties don't like to admit that they are dead until a long time after they are dead' (was it in the BASC mag??). Discovered recently that there's some degree of truth in it. Shot one a couple of weeks ago, perfect chest shot, square on from 50yds, it dropped like a stone on the spot. Then, as I was waiting the obligatory few minutes without moving up to it, less than 10 seconds after it dropped, it got up and ran off at full tilt as if nothing had happened, not just the 'run a few yards then drop' syndrome. From the amount of bright red blood deposited where it dropped, and the blood trail, I just wouldn't have believed it possible from putting so much energy and damage into so small an animal!

    Anyone else experienced this with munties?

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    DId you manage to recover it?

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    What calibre/bullet did you shoot it with?

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    ive seen a munty buck take a 130 gr 270 winchster silver tip square on the shoulder and then run off with one of the biggest holes you ever did see in it !
    i did find it 20 mins later with me dog !

    cheeers lee

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    I have had muntjac run 50 yards and more after taking a 150gr Nosler BT through the boiler room. We had one that I - and my guide - were both convinced I must have missed, but when we went to where it had been standing there was blood and we found it over 50 yards away with no heart left at all

    Someone on this site (and apologies, I don't remember who) posted this photo of a two-legged muntjac that, when finally shot, had obviously survived long for the original wounds to largely heal.

    They are a remarkable - and admirable - deer. They are the oldest known deer and yet new sub-species have been discovered as recently as 1998. Anyone who calls them vermin has no real understanding or appreciation of them. And what's more, they taste fantastic


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    Haven't they just discovered another sub-species in Laos?

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    I had a small 4pt roe buck make it 100m across new plantation after a 308 150gr went cleanly through the lungs with expected damage. I didn't see it fall and thought I had missed too. Blood trail on follow up was conclusive of a kill but it's amazing how on occasion we get a fright.

    I wonder how many new stalkers have made a perfectly good shot but seen the deer run to cover and thought they had missed so not followed up. I'm amazed at how tough the little muntjac seems to be as a species.

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    happens quite a lot with with lung shots
    they either drop on the spot and get up and run or they they stand there for a second as to say what the feck was that then run
    hav experienced this with both .243 and 30-06

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    Unless you neck or head shoot them they nearly always run on,but,I do love stalking them...............'M'

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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington
    Unless you neck or head shoot them they nearly always run on,but,I do love stalking them...............'M'
    Nearly always, where abouts in the body do you shoot them then?
    I've shoot a lot of Muntjac and due to the way they move about I tend not to head shoot them unless I am certain they aren't going to move again which you can't be! Only had one run off with an engine room shot and another with a misplaced shoulder shot, hit high bowled it clean off it's feet and it took off like a frieght train, nailed it about 4 feet from me running flat out.

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