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Thread: Sika feeding time

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    Sika feeding time

    As a bit of a follow up from an earlier post......

    If hunting up on a medium sized mountain with huge areas of open hill and Sitka spruce forestry ground with over 5 miles in each direction of heather moorland what time should I expect Sika out feeding?

    The forestry ground I don't have permission to walk through as it's forestry ground but can hunt tight along it's perimeter which I thought might be more fruitful than in the forest itself.

    The heather moorland is not walked at all, no hikers, dogs, horses, just miles and miles of wilderness that if you fell into a bog you wouldn't be found for years!
    There are plenty of deer.

    Should I be checking every nook and cranny of the mountain, every stream, hollow and right on the very summit itself?

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    When I used to go over to Wicklow we went out before dawn and got into a position where we could glass a large area.
    Spot a deer, stalk it and hopefully take it into custody.

    Generally their bellies were full before 10am and they were laid down in the old heather and hard to see.
    Usually I took a flask and sandwiches and had a snack and probably a kip until they got up again later in the day.
    I always preferred a morning shot as the Wicklow mountais are on granite and can be hard to negotiate in the dark when coming off especially if you are dragging a beastie.


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