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Thread: Scope mounting question

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    Scope mounting question

    I was wondering if any member has ever come across this before.
    Bought a new gun ( collect tomorrow ) bought picatinny rail for it, bought Warne scope mounts 1 inch from AllThingsShooting ( thanks )
    Went to check mounts are okay for scope tonight in preparation for tomorrow and found this
    Attachment 26599Attachment 26600
    Scope is a Schmidt and Bender 6x42 (old type ) imported from Germany and Made in Germany
    Although the caliper says 1.026 it should be 1.020
    Don't like pinching the scope
    Any thoughts
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    Looks like you have a 26mm tubed scope not a 1" tube. Warne do not make rings in 26mm. I had a simiar problem so used a set of 30mm rings with reducer inserts. You can get a set of 26m rings from Alan Rhone that will fit on a picatinny rail but they are not cheap (about £100).
    Do not be tempted to force 1" rings on a 26mm scope in spite of what some people say.
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    Burris rings with the plastic insert will fit ok.


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    Why should it be 1.020"?

    26mm = 1.0236. Try doing the conversion sum so 0.0024" would be within manufacturers tolerance one would suspect.

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