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Thread: Bino Guard/harness

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    Bino Guard/harness

    Hello Folks

    I have recently bought a pair of Swaro 7x42 SLC binos and I am looking for a decent guard to keep the s**t and rain etc off them, I'm not worried either way whether it comes with a full harness. Any ideas where i could source one in the UK.

    Many Thanks

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    Do a search for 'Badlands bino case'.

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    Have a look at a lockdown bino harness there is a utube vid to look at

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    Another option to consider is our bino harness & bino jacket combined

    We are currently awaiting the green Bino-Jacket coming in, however the camo version and harness went well at Kelso & we will be doing a combined price of 29.95 delivered.


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Thanks for the quick replies folks, I like the look of the bino-jacket Rob, not too expensive but should do the job fine. When do you think you will have the green version available?

    Many Thanks


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    Hi Euan

    The green neoprene was ordered from China 3 months ago & just had news yeserterday that the ship had docked in UK port, so the company that make these for me hopefully will have them ready next week.

    If you like I can add you to the list of patient forum members?..

    Thanks for your interest.

    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    The traditional solution to the problem would have been a leather cover, almost like a kidney dish in shape, that was attached to the bino strap and hung over the eyepiece end of the binos (but was a tight fit to stop it working loose or manking any noise)

    When in use they did the job well, as the design allowed them to fall off back onto the strap when the binos were lifted to a horizontal position for use

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    +1 for Robs bino guard, great product

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    I'm interested in the bino jacket. Would it fit over my Ziess Conquest HD 8 x 42's ?



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    Yes, that would be fine Rob, thanks.

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