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    MAE Phantom .22LR


    Just wondering if anyone has experiance of the MAE Phantom, based upon a CZ with a PES Moderator (full barrel) and distributed by JMS Arms. Shooting times did a great review which has got me interested.

    595 is a lot of money for a .22 rimfire but i am already impressed with the CZ accuracy (having used them at the local club) and the PES moderator improves this further and reportedly makes it the quietest rimfire about.

    Anyway, i think i'm pretty set on getting one when the FAC comes through. but just wanted to gauge peoples responses if they have any experiance/knowledge.


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    I would not bother paying extra for this upgraded C.Z unless you are intent on shooting a lot of high velocity rounds through it for example on your range work. As you probably know when a high velocity bullet gets fired there are two bangs, one from the cartridge going off in the breach and the second when the bullet reaches the sound barrier milliseconds later. As far as I know nobody has managed to completely silence the sound barrier bang. (I stand corrected if its been done). If you intend to use it with subsonic rounds for vermin control with bullets travelling less than the speed of sound and when fired you only get one bang in the breach which can be silenced quite effectively then I would put on a cheaper sound suppressor like the S.A.K or similar. This for me is quiet. The 16" version of the C.Z American is a great little work horse, as is the Style and Silhoutte, if you are doing a lot of control from a vehicle.

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    Sounds a bit of a expensive way of getting a quiet rimmy, I have a twenty quid silencer on mine and it it so moderated you can hardly hear it with sub rounds and even the fast ones aren't so noisy

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    I have a .22rf CZ Silhouette with a SAC moderator and find it very accurate and very quiet with subs, there is debate about CZ triggers but I dont have enough experience to notice, but what I shoot at goes down, I think its a lovely gun, synthetic stock stainless barrel under 300 s/h with mod and scope. Delighted.

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    If I were you I would save you money and get a standard cz and a 20 moderator.
    It will do just as good a job for a lot less cash.

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    Hmmm... depends how important sound reduction is to you - the phantom is the quietest .22 I've ever heard, but you'd get very good sound reduction with a SAK.

    I have a MAE on my .22 and in my opinion it was well worth the money!

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    Nobody seems to have grasped the fact the MAE .22lr rimfire is a bit more than amoderator.
    It is a purpose designed short range vermin gun, there is also an HM2 version.


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    I have a SAK moderator on my sako quad and its very quiet with subs.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    The difference with the MAE Phantom is that the suppression system slows down the bullet so you can shoot standard velocity ammo at subsonic velocities and subsonic ammo at even lower velocities.

    Using subsonic ammo in this way is more or less equivalent to using CB Longs in a standard barrel with a standard moderator, albeit with an important difference.

    This is that CB Longs are generally inconsistent and inaccurate and are loaded with round-nosed bullets that create narrow wound channels, and Subsonics are both consistent and accurate and are loaded with hollow-point bullets that give greater lethality.

    The MAE Phantom is therefore a significantly more versatile rifle than a run-of-the-mill moderated rimfire.

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