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Thread: New and second hand rifle prices???

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    New and second hand rifle prices???

    Hello all,

    I have recently applied for and been approved a .38/.357 calibre for target shooting and a 6.5x55SE for Deer and Fox (& target). I am still waiting for the FAC through the post but have started looking around for new/second hand rifles in these calibres.

    I'm pretty much set on a Marlin 1894C for the .38/.357 as it does all that is required (esp. side ejecting). Does anyone have an indication as to what price i should be looking for a new/good quality second hand? there appears to be quite a range out there.

    Similarly i'm after a rifle for stalking in 6.5x55SE, here, i'm not so set. My reasearch has led me to a new CZ 550 American. Accurate, wooden stock, and no open sights (pretty much all i'm after). What do you think is a good price to pay for such a rifle? Or does anyone have any suggestions? I am open to a second hand rifle as long as its in excellent quality (not planning on buying any other stalking calibre rifle) so it will last for years. I don't have a huge budget as i'm buying three rifles in one go and the scopes to go on each...needless to say the best i can get for my pound the better.

    Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    Jim a good place to look if you are after a guide to new/second hand rifle prices would be at gun trader [] as you get dealers and private adverts together.
    They seem to have most calibres on there and some with descriptions and accompanying pictures for comparisons and will give you a place to start if nothing else.


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    you wont go far wrong with a cz ive had one in 6.5 , bloody accurate i only sold it because i wanted a synthetic stock and a left hander , the cz i had the most fantastic walnut stock , just got lucky i spose !
    not i have a tikka t3 another fantastic rifle for the money.

    cheers lee

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    i'm selling my Model 70 winchester in 264 winmag(6.5mm)border fluted stainless barrel with Bell & Carlsson Carbelite magnum stock.
    Rifle shoots 1/4 moa and is a dream to shoot, very little recoil, last 300yd target shot .6 moa. Comes complete with dies/brass/bullets.
    Fitted with picatinny rail and rings(30mm).
    All that is needed is a scope..
    This has been my dedicated long range rifle for the last 12 months and has been devastating on everthing it has hit including red stags in the rut @500+ yds
    I can assure you that if you hit muntjac with it,they don't run off no matter how tough they think they are.

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    Cheers for the replies...

    My first port of call has been GunTrader, but there are only a handful of rifles in the calibre that will be on my ticket when it arrives (6.5x55SE). Tuntrader appears to only have rifles for over 600, yet i have seen a couple for the 400 mark on other sites....just curious that these are cheaper because they'll probably be in a poor condition.

    Griff, thanks for offering your Winchester Model 75, but i will be limited to the calibre above. the package sounds a good one with all the add ons!


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    Try using a UK ONLY selected search engine and type in CZ 550 or have a look at such as Macleod at Tain (who has a few 6.5) and others such as Gunshop East Barnet. Or a purchase of Gun Mart.

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    You may find some 6.5x55 cheap as they can be more difficult to move on. I sold a mannlicher earlier this year or 400 with the mounts......... it was easily worth 550.

    On guntrader there is a new browning a-bolt for 499, nothing wrong with that.

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    Hi Jim

    I found my 6.5x55 Mannlicher Classic via Guntrader & have found it a pretty good resource, I see they have a Browning A Bolt Composite Stalker for 499 & a Mannlicher SBS PRO HUNTER for 650.

    Good luck in your search


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    Hi Jim,

    Try Simon Fredman at Reeves - no one can touch him on Tikka/Hyem - and he has a lot of 2nd guns in stock that he would be more than willing to show you.

    I've not found a gun shop yet than can beat his prices for ammo/stalking equip.


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    Cheers Tommo, i'd not come accross Reeves before. Will give them a shout.


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