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Thread: Buck in velvet

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    Buck in velvet

    I shot a buck in velvet last night. How dificult is it to make a trophy out of that?
    Also I notice on the web that velvet is much sought after in some quarters, can you sell it?

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    Easy as any other head to make a trophy out of it.

    Boil and prepare as per usual, you will find plenty trophy prep advice on a SD search, the velvet should be able to be stripped off the antlers no problem and then they will need stained to colour them up or you can leave them white.

    Velvet is worth money but not the type you have, antler needs to still be growing etc etc and more weight than you would ever get from a Roe deer.

    Velveting stags is illegal here in the UK but it is the backbone of NZ deer farming industry.

    These 2 sites will give you and idea of the outstanding deer genetics you can find in NZ.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Flanker View Post
    I shot a buck in velvet last night. How dificult is it to make a trophy out of that?
    Also I notice on the web that velvet is much sought after in some quarters, can you sell it?

    Firstly, well done. If the velvet is in good condition, hang upside down and put a small incision in the tips of the brow, back and top points, just enough for the blood to run out, then after a day or two as you see fit, just boil and prepare the trophy normally, but once you are done, put it in the freezer for a week. I then take it out for a day to defrost, and I then re-freeze it. I go through this process about 4-5 times to create an artificial 'freeze drying' effect.

    I have a number of bucks in full velvet mounted like that, and they look fantastic/a bit different. It doesn't always work, but for me it does most of the time, and I have not found that it rots at all.

    mind, I try to leave the bucks until they are clean of velvet, but some bucks do need culling from early april to may, and up here very often they're not clean until early to mid May (except for the older bucks of course)

    good luck and once again, well done.


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    Thanks, that's very useful. I would have left him but he and his chums are making a very serious mess of my landlords neep field.

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    i have seen a few done in velvet and i really like them done like this and one day will do one myself, whilst in new zealand a chap had the most beutiful palmated fallow done the same and it was truly stunning, atb wayne
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    If you want the velvet of just boil the antlers as well as the head the velvet will come away, they may be stained with blood depending how far from shedding they were, if so leave to dry after boiling then bleach the antler then stain with potassium permanganate

    If you want to leave the velvet on you could try formaldehyde to preserve them but not so sure about that, i used to make pigeon decoys using that method but it may not work on the velvet
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