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Thread: Any Autoelectrcians on here?

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    Any Autoelectrcians on here?

    Ive replaced the towing socket on the L200 (poor design for the bracket means it regularly gets thwacked going over rough ground) and now my rear indicators dont work.
    Ive used a 7 pin socket and doubled up the appropriate coloured wires as there seems to be two of just about everything except the white (earth?) blue and purple(fogs?)
    Side lights, brake lights, reversing and fog lights all work...just the bloomin indicators.
    All fuses are ok.
    Front indicators and side indicators work but at double rate (fault mode)

    I'm certain it was a 7 pin socket but I'm wondering why so many wires (2 yellow, 2 black, 2 red, 2 brown, 2 green, 1 white much thicker than the others, 1 blue and 1 purple)
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    Sounds like a fuse?

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    Check if you're getting 12 volts at the bulb holders & double check the bulbs are still ok

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    Bulbs are all ok, tested them on a 12v battery.
    All fuses are ok.
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    Usual wiring is 1=l/h ind yellow 2=fog lamp blue 3= white earth 4= green r/h ind 5= r/h tail brown 6= brake red 7= l/h tail black

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    Im thinking its summit to do with doubling up the wires but not sure
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    Not sure if this is any help,

    Pin 1 on socket Yellow LH indicator
    Pin 2 Blue supply from fog light switch
    Pin 3 White earth
    Pin 4 Green RH indicator
    Pin 5 Brown RH side and tail lamps
    Pin 6 Red stop lamps
    Pin 7 Black LH side and stop lamps

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    Not seen a purple wire on a 7 pin plug before or double wires coming from the pins (assuming thats what you're talking about rather than from the vehicle side). Have fitted 4 tow bars and the electrics on various vehicles over the last two years (including an L200). Is it a new attachment you are putting on and if so do you know what make the new one is or if it came with a relay?

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    The old 7pin connector was ripped away from the bracket (along with part of the bracket!). I'm using the old wiring with a new connector. Its a witter tow bar fit from new.
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    Possible break further up the cable/s, after the stress of breaking away from the bracket?
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