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Thread: Three legged buck.

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    Three legged buck.

    Just been out checking stock.
    Found a doe and yearly. Closely follow by a buck. Sat and watched them for a while.
    Then saw the buck was limping.
    So I stalked in a bit to see what was what. Here he was looking sorry for himself. On three legs.
    He finally saw me and of he went. Cleared two fences no bother.
    Wish I had the gun.

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    There are quite a number of reports on the Site of three-legged deer, particularly roe. There's even a two-legged muntjac!

    Deer seem to have a remarkable capacity to recover from these types of injuries. We had a three-legged doe for a number of years that raised kids quite happily.

    Here's a photo of a buck I shot back in June 2008. I didn't realise he only had three legs until after I shot him, as he was standing in long grass.

    Deer are amazingly resilient animals.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    WG is quite right, and it's amazing how resilient to injuries roe can be; however, personally, I would always cull deer with any injuries where there's a risk of either ongoing pain/suffering or it causing abnormal growth which could also lead to further suffering or death.

    they might look like they are 'functioning' and have recovered from their injuries, but as a hygiene factor I'd rather be sure and take them off the ground.

    ..various schools of thought on the subject of course, as always is.

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    One I arrested many years ago.

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    Shot a muntjac 2 years ago that had 3 legs walked perfectly fine was watching him wander closer and it was only when he turned that I noticed he had 3 legs

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    One from the Emerald Isle,didn`t notice anything unusual with the beast untill I walked up to it for the gralloch

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    I have shot two three legged fallow does this season, and a fallow buck with a nasty festering foot. One of the does I had seen around for a while and thought she was doing ok. When culled her good legs all had cleaves like alladin's slippers through lack of normal wear. She was underweight and clearly suffering. Both Does we're pregnant which would have put further strain on their bodies. Always best to try to cull injured animals even if you think they are doing ok.
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    Bad footed buck

    Here's the buck, note the 'crown' of barbed wire to add to his problems !
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    That foot looks nasty mate!!
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