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    Hi all
    Hampshire based, I like shooting, fishing, long walks on the beach and a BBQ on a hot balmy day

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    This isn't you know.

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    Hi all
    Hampshire based, I like shooting, fishing, long walks on the beach and a BBQ on a hot balmy day
    Welcome to the site, very nice but not much of an intro re quarry, calibres etc

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi. What's a hot balmy day? Is it something unique to Hampshire?

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    E harmony, you would know all about that young fellow me lad, I have some rather interesting memories of a young 20 something having some modelling shots done for a similar site.

    Sorry John, I should probably add some more info: I have mainly used a 6.5 x 55 I have reloaded but find it a bit of a bugger so I choose to pay well over the odds for factory, I also have a 300 win mag Batua or short barrell, for driven pigs and the like ( I love it now )
    I have the usual 22 rimfires and several shotguns but they don't get out much.

    I use a labrador when I get the chance, but mainly to follow up my mates deer :-)
    I have recently been to Estonia on the pigs, great fun, great value for money, before that Finland for moose, saw no moose but did shoot a whitetail buck, again great fun, before that Croatia for pigs, I had no luck here but it was again great fun.

    A hot balmy day is a wonderful thing, especially on an early work day with some home made nettle beer and the beach within 5 minutes walk. At the bottom end of Hampshire i.e the coast, we do have a micro climate, so it is a special place but I have had some good days in Wales in the sunshine.

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