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Thread: Adrian Flux my Anus

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    Adrian Flux my Anus

    Have just had my insurance renewal ( sureterm direct ) to find out they've been taken over by Lancaster insurance and of course the policy has now gone up a whopping 180 because of a change in product range.Anyway after reading earlier threads on the forum I thought I'd give Mr Flux the opportunity to tout for my business, needless to say as the header gives it away Mr Flux failed miserably. The vehicle quoted for is a td5 disco with limited mileage etc etc and good old confused .com found me about 28 cheaper quotes in fact even lower than I paid the previous year the cheapest being 160 less than good old Mr Flux .

    ps fully comp 8500 miles a year windscreen cover courtesy car etc all the usual lowest quote 215.
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    Not a surprise I'm sorry to say. I ended up with flipping Tesco much to my disgust after twenty years with Cornhill and they were 100 less than Adrian Flux although my wife's truck was not even an increase with Flux this year...

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    I found Flux price unbelievable on my L200 almost twice the cheapest quote.

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    Funny how a subtle change of grammar makes all the difference, I thought the title was 'Adrian, flux my anus', thought we were in for some bizzarre Solderers fantasty story!!

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    Sorry to dissapoint, the only fantasy here were the prices quoted .
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    I have just renewed with them again, 2 more than last year and 40 cheaper than any one else i could find :-) i did get them done nearly 50 on what they first quoted me. I never pay what any of them ask for first time they come out with a figure.

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    I'm with flux but nfu promised a good quote next time round we will see !

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    not the company they used to be

    I moved three cars to them from around 2003 to 2011
    one was heavily modfied with very little in the way of factory brakes, suspension intake and exhaust dropped 300 OFF my insurance to move to them

    then I came to renew after a bumper rub at 2mph, no claim, never closed
    insurance jumped over 500 to 900 despite no claim
    they did nothing to enforce the fraudulent activity of the other party and just let it sit there

    I ended up going thorugh Sky Insurance with the exact same underwriter for the same premium.

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    I can' t remember what Adrian Flux quoted for my Disco 4, I am still in shock.
    What I couldn't understand was that A Flux advertises extensively in most 'Country, Shooting and Farm' type magazines as specailising in 4 x 4 Insurers but came up with something stupid whan I contacted them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC275 View Post
    Solderers fantasty story!!

    Just like my day job used to be as a young engineer!
    Nothing better than a dab of hot solder on the top of you thumb nail...or whatever.

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