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Thread: Foxing/Lamping not working wots plan B

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    Foxing/Lamping not working wots plan B

    Alright folks

    Looking for a bit off advice, been out lamping/sitting out 8 sesions now over the past week still to see a fox. Yet 1 farmer lost some chickens last week and his neighbour who is only 500m (as the crow) lost his first lamb 2 nites ago.
    Tried all the usual sitting out down/dusk at likely/lookouty places and calling and just travelling the ground covering as much as possible hoping to catch sight of it. No luck yet, not even a glimpse. Which is the way it goes sometimes, but i'm under pressure to get the fox afore anymore lambs go missing

    The problem will be grounds quite narrow with sitka plantations either side (1 side quite sizeable) which are quite warm and ideal for a fox to lie up in, so a fox could be over the boundry raid lamb field/chicken coop and be away in no time. And to be fair to the boys on either side they are pretty good on their foxes, so not trying to blame them.

    My plan B
    I'm thinking of 2 options either trying to borrow/buy a cage trap or buy a Collarum. A proper snare line probably wouldn't be suitable for a couple of reasons, but at moment biggest 1, I haven't done my training yet. (Look's like i will do it after all when i get some time )
    I have never used either cage or collarum, well for foxes atleast (trapped a few mink in my time, but any fool can trap them)
    So really wanting some advice on either cages or collarum, pro's and con's off each. I also see solway feeders are selling a double entry trap, i imagine it's to make wary foxes more likely to go in as can see right throu?

    Has anyone any experience with the collarum, they do look the business when u watch/read about them, but a lot off things do, the proof is do they work? Cheaper than a trap straight off but depends how long u get out off the snarey/lassoo bit, which i think is 15 to replace. I should add only for occasional problem foxes so if it worked quickly would be worth it even at 15 quid.

    Do they work? I've seen plenty of cage traps set around farms by farmers (some home made, some are luaghable) and looking at way there set and ammount of rotting bodies in the traps i doubt they would ever catch and i have never heard off them catching either, even when a fox is passing them on way to lambing shed. But i'm sure that is more due to the way the traps are positioned and set

    Cheers for any advice, away to walk mutts afore another long nite

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    start baiting a spot with a trail cam there, once you have a regular customer then start sitting out when you know the rough visiting time

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    Quote Originally Posted by al4x1 View Post
    start baiting a spot with a trail cam there, once you have a regular customer then start sitting out when you know the rough visiting time
    A big plus +1 I account for far more foxs shot from the kitchen window day and night than I ever do chasing them around with quad and truck these days .the old foxs have seen it done by now get yrself a kebab set up .

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    Cheers don't have a trail cam. I do have a battery alarm clock thou will mibee go old skool

    There is an area at back of the steden that is lit up by his farm's spot light would be ideal to bait as wouldn't need spotlight on, did say that to farmer today but he didnae reckon fox would travel into such a well lit area. I would imagine it would as light is always on so should be used to it, never baited into a lit area before. And to be honest he usually dosen't like me shooting anywhere near his farm buildings and nearby fields so i usually give it a wide berth.

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    I have got a collarum, no luck yet.
    Cage trap too, it's in the door way of an old shed, so feels like part of the shed if you like.
    To my mind i can not really see a fox wanting to go in to a cage out in the open, I know they do but what % and how long might it take ?

    Personally I would bait an area up. I have just picked a camera up overlooking a bait station with a munty skin/head pegged down, a load of pigeons and some old dry dog food.
    Guess what the fox was eating, the dog food.

    Setting the alarm early again, he was there at 6.30 last night and 5.30 yesterday morning.

    ​Best of luck with yours.

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    Patience & perseverance.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Cage seems to work on urban foxes, but have never heard of very much success with truly wild ones at least not in my neck of the woods.

    Never used the collarum but some say it works OK, whats the legality of them I know you can buy them but as far as I understand they have not been passed for use in the UK

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    If the fox has been successful at the chicken coop, then it will surely return at some point.
    I would concentrate effort around that if possible. If you have a cage trap you could set it up actually on the side of the coop as though it were part of the coop and leave it set but without bait. A friend had one a few days ago like this, the fox is looking for a way into the coop and thinks the trap is part of it.

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    Baiting at specific times also works do it regularly and before long you will have a fox showing up very soon after you out out the bait

    smelly cat food sachets from tesco! 19p each, just enough to make a stink but not enough for a feed if you spread it round

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    Not what you might want to hear but,I think you would see it if you can get access to night vision, if it's an old wise one a trap would be tricky, not a great help but just a thought, cheers

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