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Thread: Range Trip 4-3-13

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    Range Trip 4-3-13

    My gunsmith buddy and I made a trip to the range this morning !
    I took my wife's Ranger Arms LH 25-06 , a friends Savage Axis 308 and my circa 1968 Marlin 444 Target Rifle !

    Was shootng the 444 with the Ranch Dog 432-265GC pushed with 51 grains of IMR8208 . This was what I planned to use at the target load in the CBA matches . I'm having a bit of a problem shooting the second 5 shot group each time as the barrel heats and the POI is visibly different between the first group and the second . I suppose if I slowed down a bit and let the barrel cool a good deal more this might be semi remedied . We'll see , think I wanna try it with XMP5744 and quite possibly SR4759 .

    My friends Savage Axis did okay with the Speer 165 and IMR4064 so I think that ones about done .
    Shot the wife's Ranger Arms lefty 25-06 with some stuff that came with the gun .

    They had some 87 grain Speer's pushed with 45 grains of IMR4064 that shot decent , 3 shots in a hair under an inch from 100 yards .

    They also had some Sierra 120's loaded with 44 grains of IMR4320 that did very nicely and shot three in less then 3/4" !

    My buddy brought his Pedersoli Rollingblock 45-70 out and we got him sighted in at 100 yards .He's shooting the factory Hornady Leverevolution stuff in the rollingblock .

    He also brought out his Pedersoli Sharps 45-70 and I brought a bunch of ammo for it . Gun did very nicely with Sierra 300 grain HP handloads , Ranch Dog 460-300GC handloads , Ranch Dog 460-350GC handloads , Ranch Dog 460-425GC handloads , BRP 462-465GC handloads and finally my BallisitCast 462-550GC handloads . To be totally honest I had always kinda turned my nose up at the Italian repro stuff but both these Pedersoli's shoot plain and simple .

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    can we have some of that sun please nice bench

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    can we have some of that sun please nice bench
    We have sun but a fair amount of WIND as well !

    I had 6 of those benches built maybe 4 years ago . Actually I paid my gunsmith buddies younger brother to build them . I found the plans on the net somewhere . Weren't overly costly either . About $90-110 per bench in materials and he charged me $20 a piece to build them !

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