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Thread: The start of the stock project

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    The start of the stock project

    Good evening All

    I have a Ruger m77 mk11 and have been toying with the idea of re stocking it. I have had a shape in mind but not the the know how so I contacted Fusion Stock Works (simjim33 or Simon) It took Simon about 10 min to have my idea draw out on the computer. Simon will now translate this to a 3D foam model on his 3D router.
    I would like to thank Simon for making my idea possible but you didn't have to show me all the sample's i thought i knew that i wanted laminate but now i don't know the zebra wood is looking good!
    Yes we are using that little known substance called wood some thing Simon knows alot about.
    As this project develops i will do a step by step!

    P.S. If you ever get the chance to have alook at Simon's work shop the tea's great and the knowledge about his chosen subject vast.

    Regards Martin

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    I am still on the lookout for a ruger77 mk2 stock if you are selling the original on? As it is not for me, pm me a price and I will pass it on, best of luck on the build, jim

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