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Thread: Got it wrong again

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    Got it wrong again

    Took the dog out for a strole on a small nat trust property close by and had a browse at the info board at the entrance and noticed the description given about roe deer was incorrect, just goes to show how much the know it all NT know.

    What do we all think?

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    We think much the same as you!

    Our tax dollars at work!



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    At least they have got the picture right and i am sure that they have a thick coat in winter
    Don't you just wounder who it is that gets the jobs on the NT SNH grounds.

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    Now be fair, they are just thinking of the deer, they do not want them to hurt each other during the rut with those pointy things on their heads do they now


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    there about as much use as a chocolate fire guard !!! lol

    rgds lee

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