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Thread: Bullet Stuck in barrel

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    Bullet Stuck in barrel

    using my CZ .17HMR and factory loaded Hornady 17gm, when squeezing the trigger I heard a click, the bullet travelled approx 2inches up the barrel and the cartridge with unburnt powder was ejected.

    Now I have a bullet stuck in the barrel, I have gently tried using the cleaning rod without any attachment down the muzzle in the hopes that the female thread on the rod woudl sit over the bullet tip but I dare not push forcefully. does anoyone have any suggestions as to how to dislodge?

    my concern is obviously the barrel though it is stainless, and frustration with Hornady who have supplied bad product

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    Hi I have had three stuck in mine, but they only just came out of the case and I could not load another round. I used a rod the same as you but used a bit of force and they came out try some gun oil around it. Atb Woodydog.

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    A bronze rod might be safer than a steel cleaning rod if you are going to have to apply force. Bronze is softer than your barrel so will not mark it.

    For a .17 a 4mm rod will do well. I would come in from the muzzle and push back through the chamber.

    There is a seller on eBay called oxyset10 (unrelated) that does these. Depending on barrel length you might need 2 but they are not expensive.

    Good luck.
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    I can see the myth of the legendary .17HMR starting to unravel...
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    Quote Originally Posted by iainfarthing View Post
    I can see the myth of the legendary .17HMR starting to unravel...
    Ha ha very good.

    Anyway a sure fire method is to hold the barrel over a very hot fire until the barrel glows red and the lead runs out
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    Quote Originally Posted by johngryphon View Post
    Ha ha very good.

    Anyway a sure fire method is to hold the barrel over a very hot fire until the barrel glows red and the lead runs out

    It was the method we used when I worked in the gun trade. Small blow torch to melt the lead, it will run out of the barrel...OR... heat it to soften it, then try the rod.

    I've heard of hydrostatic methods using water, but best avoid them for now

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    Not as uncommon as it should be.

    Stand upright, put in plenty of penetrating oil and leave to stand for 24 hours (with a bit of rag in the breech in case the oil leaks through).

    Get a suitable rod (as close to the bore diameter as possible and softer than the barrel), remove any recoil pads (if possible) and stand butt down on a hard surface (to maximise shock). Get a radio or something to listen to because impatience is your enemy - lift and let drop the rod to just tap the bullet - do not hit it. It might take a while but I have never known it not to work.

    Make sure you clean out all that penetrating oil.


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    get a solid rod drill a dent in it so you don't splay the tip and have at it from frount end one good hit should do it the bullet is softer that the steel barrel !

    PS any one wish a sako hmr set up !

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    Just in case anyone read my (it started so let it finish) suggestion before promptly removing, it worked for me with a stuck .44 Special but that was in a revolver and not a closed chamber rifle that I guess could produce catastrophic failure-like conditions known to occasionally occur with reduced loads - read large air pocket.

    Best stick to the rod & tapometer technique.


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    Whilst I also say "do it yourself" if you DO damage the rifle it then will be your fault and, in any case, it may be helpful to others if HORNADY are aware of this. Indeed your cartrdige may be one of a faulty batch that if you had known about it you might have avoided this problem.

    So I would ask you gunshop where you bought the cartridges from to contact their source of those cartridges and TELL THEM to sort it out...including removing the bullet and returning your rifle is as good order as it was before the incident.

    For it may be that, in any case, you might now have a pressure ring bulge irrespective that you didn't fire a second round.

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