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Thread: Roe deer - an unintended doublet

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    Roe deer - an unintended doublet


    I just wondered if anyone else has had the same experience as this one.

    Last year I took a bead on a female roe kid from a high seat at a range of 115 yards, the mother had wandered away and located behind the kid about 15 yards and also sideways about 8-10 yards away was the mothers other sibling munching away.
    At the shot, (it was 6am with relatively low light levels) the flash blinded me for a few seconds but I thought the kid had spun through 180 degrees. But there was only one kid now standing there and normally the others run off at the shot, but it was swaying in a wobbly manner, so I shot it again thinking I had wounded it with the first shot.
    Turns out the first kid had done what I thought and it had gone 10 yards through a bush and dropped stone dead. The second shot then put down the second kid who had been only been stunned by bone shrapnel from its sister.
    The lesson I learnt was, never shoot if you have a second animal nearby if its behind the target animal.



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    dont go for your DSC 2 yet!

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    Nice story but also a bit scary and this will be meat and drink to the DCS like said it is a no no to shoot at any animal if there is a risk to another and that is what has happened.Thanks for the story a lesson to others as well as your self be 100% on the cull Animal and 110% ON THE SAFTY

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    While shooting wild Pitt island Rams aboard I shot two animals with one bullet. There were three rams in a line on a rock face about 140 yards from our position, the guild with me said “take the middle one” I duly shot for a heart lung shot on that animal, but the animal to the right which was standing 20 yards behind and 5 yards to one side started to limp about. The guild turn to me and said I told you to shoot the middle one, before I could answer, on cue the middle animal collapsed and fell down the rock face. I turn to him with a smile and said I did, he said dispatch the other one now which I duly did.

    The bullet must have deflected off a rib on exit of the first animal at about 45 degrees to have struck the second one. Just goes to show that bullets can do funny things. He only charged me on trophy fee though.

    I had a guest out a few years ago, we come on a family of roe feeding, we had stalked in real close 30 yards maybe. I whispered shoot the large doe first then reload as the kids should hang around for you to cull one or two of them. He then shot, the roe doe I was watching showed no reaction to the shot but just legged it. I then saw one of the kids drop just short of the tree line. I turned to him and said “I said shoot the large doe”, he said “I thought that was the biggest one.” After a wait I said come on then lets go and do the galloch I started to walk to the animal next to the tree line and he said no its over here I said no it dropped near the tree line. He had heart/lung shot both kids with one bullet with out even realising it; both animals must have been directly behind each other when he pulled the trigger.

    I almost made the same mistake myself a couple of years ago, I came round a corner on a ride and there is a roe doe board side on head down feeding 40 yards away I drop my rifle on to my stick and was lining her up in the scope when it suddenly it had two heads, before the deer had moved to allow a shot there was a change in wind or they saw me and had ran in. Two very lucky deer.

    Best rgds


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    You're right Thar, bullets do the silliest things sometimes. I once used a 129grSST broadside on a roe, it struck the deer and it instantly collapsed. On inspection, there was an entry wound, the heart and lungs were severely damaged and the exit wound was 4 inches away from the entry hole without it touching the far side of the animal!!!

    I have had many others where the bullet enters and then goes at right angles after entering the body

    On the original post, it gives the impression that one of the other deer to the rear of the shot animal should have actually been chosen, or the stalker should have been a little more patient.

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    This "bullet does silly things" worries me, a few bullets I retrieved went all over the place and if they would have exited it would have not been in line with the shot taken. One broadside shot went through rib cage and ran under the skin of the far side to be found in the hind leg. Another quartering to shot hit the shoulder going in, split up and exited on both sides of the body. At the moment I use softish bullets that often don't exit or overpenetrate.

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    Ive also experienced this..

    Out with Sako85, shot a munty in the engine room at a 100yds and had no exit wound..

    During the gralloch the mushroomed bullett was found imbedded in the spine by Sako..

    I havent had a bullett not exit bar this occasion..

    Im now using 123gr Sako SP gameheads in 308 and much prefer them to the Federal Powershocks i had been using


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    Quote Originally Posted by jingzy
    You're right Thar, bullets do the silliest things sometimes.

    I have had many others where the bullet enters and then goes at right angles after entering the body
    I have seen 150gn 308 bullet go in just behind the left shoulder of a red stag and then only to be found in the right rear leg.



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    Shot a fallow doe, with a neck shot - perfectly clear view in woodland. Walked up the her, 2 animals on the ground lying together heads nearly touching. I heard breathing as I approached I gave each a head shot that destroyed some evidence of bullet placement.

    I was 100% sure of the shots safety, and fortunately the second animal was killed, both were the same colour.

    Ever since, I have been happy for the dog to check beyond a dead deer, killing a second animal is regrettable, but I fear that one day a wounded one might get left in the woods, hence I am happy for the dog to check.

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