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Thread: Which .22lr?

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    Which .22lr?

    I'm currently waiting for my variation to come back to allow me to buy my first .22lr.
    I currently shoot CF calibres for deer stalking and air rifles for rabbits, but have joined a club where I can shoot .22lr on a weekly basis and thought it might be fun.

    The rifle will be for mainly just target shooting with a bit of rabbit's as well, i'd like it to be not too dissimilar to my tikka t3 (ie not thumbhole etc) so it might be good practice for my deer rifles as well.

    Should i go for a short (16in) barrel? and what are the benefits of a varmint barrel in a rimfire?

    It will most likely end up being a cz as my budget isnt very large,

    Thanks for any help,

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    Nothing wrong with a CZ mate. I have an ancient BRNO Mod 2E which is the same rifle. Solid, well made, accurate,difficult to break, easy to fix, very common so spares/accessories easy to can find a cheap one without trying too hard, Guntrader is currently listing about 270 of them ranging from 150-600. There are some in the 2-300 bracket complete with scope and mod.

    I have a slightely shortened barrel, basic PH mod, cheap bipod and BSA Sweet 22 scope on mine, it's very accurate. The varmint/short barrel may help in some ways, I'm not sure if it's all that significant. I think that managing the trajectory and keeping to realistic range are the big issues with this calibre. If you get much past 75m the groups tend to loosen, headshots on rabbits out to there are fine with normal or subsonic ammo. I find high velocity ammo gives more range but not neccesarily more accuracy. There is also the 17hmr, better long range accuracy but ammo not so cheap

    I suppose your choice depends on what you want to do. I have a varmint barrel on my 223. I find it accurate but it is heavy to cart around..
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    CZ Varmint barrel, not too heavy to carry and very accurate on paper, suggest an after market trigger spring though.

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    I got a cz 455 and after I put on a rimfire magic trigger kit (12 and easy to fit) it made the trigger awesome and the gun shoots spot on at 50 yards with eley subs. I've been told by a few people now that the older 452 was better quality and the 455 was a cost cutting model. Also the ruger 10/22 semi is a nice little gun and readily available, not to expensive and a lot of the target guys shoot them as there's lots of aftermarket bits n bobs if u fancy customising it at a later date. The target guys opt for varmint barrels as the can fire plenty rounds without the barrel heating up to much, in saying that my cz is a varmint barrel and I just use it for rabbits but I just fancied the look of it
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    +24 CZ but get the stainless sin and find some steel mags and trigger kit think thay are a tenner from rimfire magic up north

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    Brno or CZ 452. Shooting my Brno#1 (1950) last night with some Aguila Sun Sonic 40 grn. Clusters at 50M.~Muir

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    Thanks for the tips guys, can't wait to get my fac back now and go shopping!!

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    Stratts had a CZ for sale on here if I remember. I was looking at myself and then decided I really don't need another .22!

    Edit: it's here:

    For Sale: CZ452 American .22lr + mod + scope + sling + rounds for sale
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    Browning T bolt in 22LR and synthetic stock works for me. Allows quick bolt cycle for rabbit shooting, very accurate and well made. I had a ruger 10/22 but had enough of all the jams.
    Also had a varmint barrel CZ, fine for targets and field use, didn't notice the extra barrel weight but not really any more accurate compared to the T bolt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PointBlank View Post
    Stratts had a CZ for sale on here if I remember. I was looking at myself and then decided I really don't need another .22!

    Edit: it's here:

    For Sale: CZ452 American .22lr + mod + scope + sling + rounds for sale
    Already saw that, apparently there's someone else with first dibs possibly on it, but if they don't take it .......

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