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Thread: Help Rabbits Needed ASAP

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    Help Rabbits Needed ASAP

    Morning folks

    I have no rabbits on my permission at the moment unfortunately a friend was going to get me four tonight but hasn't been able to due to the trip being cancelled.

    basically I'm camping with the scouts over the weekend and wanted to show them how to gut,skin and cook them, if anyone in the leicester area could help me out I'm pretty much desperate at the moment!

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    Pets at home??

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    Maybe I did get chucked out of there a while ago though, apparently when someone holds up a rabbit and askes what it is apparently "dinner" isn't the correct reply!!!

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    yer a bad man Red-dot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Pets at home??
    i bought a hamster there at the weekend and got the spanish inquisition!

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