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Thread: How good is a Rugger M77

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    How good is a Rugger M77

    How good is the .308 version for stalking?


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    And is a Bushmaster 4X32 good enough for the job also?

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    gun go bang, deer fall over....

    the rifle with good ammunition and optics can do anything any other rifle of it's class will do. M77's are solid but you need more than 4x on a stalking rifle to make your clarity at a little range better.

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    Do other people use them on here?

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    What's the minimum scope strength?

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    I've got an M77 MkII .270 with a Z6i on top, never let me down (yet!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by philross View Post
    I've got an M77 MkII .270 with a Z6i on top, never let me down (yet!!)
    What's the differnce between the MkI 7 MKII?

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    Ruger's ok will do the job no problem, scope will do at a push depending on the type of stalking 4 or 6 x will do on a stalking set up used them for years before I was seduced by the variable brigade but I would recommend a larger objective if possible.

    I would not recommend buying a 4x32 for stalking but if its all you have got get out there, it will do fine until you can get something better.

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    Ruger 77 been around since late 60's


    The M77 has undergone one minor and two major redesigns. The first change involved incorporating a proprietary
    scope mount milled integral with the receiver. The first rifles had simple rounded-top receivers drilled and tapped
    for separate scope mounts.

    M77 Mark II

    The M77 was retooled almost entirely and reintroduced in 1991 as the Mark II. The safety, bolt, and trigger were completely redesigned. The claw extractor was retained, but the bolt face was opened up to allow controlled-round feeding. The plunger ejector was replaced with a Mauser style blade ejector. Finally, a three-position safety allowed the bolt to be operated while the gun was still on safe, making unloading of the rifle less hazardous. Ruger also eliminated the adjustable trigger that came stock on the original M77.


    In 2006, Ruger introduced new features and a new name for their rifle, the Hawkeye Major changes were made to the trigger system
    and the stock was recontoured, but otherwise the rifle remained unchanged The LC6 trigger addressed complaints from consumers
    that the Mark II trigger, though safer than the earlier one, was poorly designed for accurate shooting. The LC6 trigger is lighter
    and smoother. Despite the listed improvements of the LC-6 trigger there still seems to be nagging complaints about it

    30.06 Cal SAR (Search and Rescue) Rifle

    The SAR Rifle, .30-06 calibre, RUGER, Model M77 is a rifle designed for use by Canada's Search and Rescue Technicians
    (SAR Techs) and Aircrews. The SAR Rifle is designed to be a compact survival rifle chambered in 30-06 . The rifle is based
    on the standard Ruger M77 Mk II rifle but the barrel has been shortened to 14.5". The orange coloured buttstock has been
    modified so that it can fold along the left hand side of the stock and it also can hold 6 additional rounds of ammunition.
    The rifle is issued with a special case that has been designed to attach to the Search and Rescue Technicians parachute harness.

    Gunsite Scout Rifle (2011)

    Working closely with Gunsite training centre in the development of the rifle and thus meeting the criteria of the modern
    scout rifle set forth by Jeff Cooper The rifle is chambered in .308 and weighs 7 lb (3.2 kg) and sports a 16.5" barrel and
    black laminate stock. It features ghost-ring iron sights & flash hider and a pitcanny rail for optics mounting.
    It takes 5- or 10- round box magazines. The Canadian and Australian version of the Ruger Gunsite has a stainless
    steel barrel and action with a 18 inch barrel without the flash hider.

    Is'nt Wikipedia WONDERFUL......!
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Thanks is there an easier way to tell by looking at the rifle (serial no.) and seeing.

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