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Thread: Bushnell Banner 6-24x40

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    Bushnell Banner 6-24x40

    I have one of these on my CZ .22 LR but it's a bit of overkill for me.

    Ideally after something 1 to 4 x, maybe with a red dot for the Rimfire semi but would like about 50 posted if anyone is interested.

    If you have something I could put on the RF I'd be happy to trade.

    I have had one inch groups at 100yards with this on the CZ .22


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    Hello again Dougster,

    I guess you are probably still mad busy, so thought I'd whack a quick post on the sale thread. as per my last pm will take this at your convenience - let me know if you still want to do f2f and how I can pay you.

    No great hurry
    Thanks again

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