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Thread: Ruger M77, .308

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    Ruger M77, .308

    Following another post I'm going to test the water to see if anyone fancies a Ruger M77 in .308

    I have seen a Remington in .223 but can't afford to have both in the cabinet so this one will have to go to pay for the new one.

    I have had it for a couple of months and have fired about 40 rounds on the range with it, the guy before me used it to bag a couple of deer with it so it's as close to new.

    It comes with the scope mounts and a Bushmaster 4X32 scope it also comes with a longer of the two Bi-pods shown.

    I have approximately 90 rounds of military ball, 200 once fired Lapua brass (cleaned) , 100 SMK 155gn and 100 primers and RGB dies which can be bought at the same time (price to be negotiated).

    Now I wanted about 500 for the rifle, scope and bi-pod (is this price good or bad).

    I will RFD at cost or F to F, I work in London and have family in Surrey so a meet can be arranged.

    Thanks for looking and feel free to comment (be kind)


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    PMs sent to both interested parties


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    Not heckling but what are you going to shoot deer with in England? I'd keep the Ruger and just reload some 90 grn or similar. Plenty on here would say keep the 308 (mans gun)
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    I'm not doing the deer shooting, I was hoping to sell this to someone who was. There is a thread about this gun in anther section, this is my for sale thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodmaster View Post
    (mans gun)
    ...that'll be why he's selling it then....

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    Quote Originally Posted by saddler View Post
    ...that'll be why he's selling it then....

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    For anyone that is interested, I can hold the rifle on my ticket if you require time to get a variation but ONLY if fully paid first.


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    And what if it's fully paid for and variation is refused

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robsmyth View Post
    And what if it's fully paid for and variation iit onor send it to an RFD of their choice, no trying to refused
    Then the rifle would still belong to the buyer and I would help sell it for them. Or dispose of it as they wanted.


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