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Thread: My 40th Birthday present to myself !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My 40th Birthday present to myself !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that I have stopped jumping up and down and I am not shaking anymore I can show you what came in the post today!!! Don't get me wrong, my Mora is excellent, but this is AMAZING!!!

    I designed the knife and had it built by Andy Martland.

    Fulltang 12c27
    Blade, 110mm
    Overall length, 220mm
    Handle, stabilised amboyna burl (which I got online from the US)
    Fittings, nickel silver
    Liners, black and white
    Filework pattern...guess my nationality??? ;o)

    The knife is full of curves for aesthetic and functional reasons. The blade is longish for bleeding and the semi arrow point designed for puncturing with ease to bleed the animal. The belly is deep for skinning, but I have curved it upwards towards the finer guard to keep its width minimum (26mm) and make the blade look elegant. Also the belly towards the tip of the knife curves gently to help with unzipping the animal. The integral finguer guard helps push the knife in and stops the fingers from accidentally slipping onto the blade. The handle extends slightly forward of the finger guard, so that the thumb does not rest on the exposed spine of the blade. The handle is rounded, especailly towrds the back, which makes it fit very nicely into the palm.

    All I need know is a buck to put the theory into practice!!!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Knife 1.jpg   Knife 2.jpg   Knife 3.jpg   Knife 4.jpg   Knife 5.jpg  

    Knife 6.jpg   Knife 7.jpg   Knife 8.jpg  

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    Fair play to you perry , just be EXTRA careful when you put it down , i have been known to lose an odd knife or three !

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    That is very nice Peri, when you get another aged 50 can i have that one?

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    Before I take it to the field I think I need a florescent lanyard that glows in the dark and has a voice activated alarm on it :o)))) can have as many photos of it as you like

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    A fab looking piece of kit the very best of luck with it.Glendine.

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    That looks like a lovely knife, I have always wanted something that looks good as well as just doing hte job. I might see if the boss will let me invest....

    Was there something in legislation that said you couldn't use a wooden handled knife if you were stalking/preparing meat for consumption for other than personal used or have I been misled somewhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peri View Post
    Before I take it to the field I think I need a florescent lanyard that glows in the dark
    Very wise and very cheap:

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    Looks fantastic, dare we ask how much it cost to have built?

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    Thank you all for you kind words!

    The wood is stabilised, so it is impregnated with resin. That should keep a lot of the moisture and bugs out.
    Klenchblaize/All...where can I get glow in the dark beeds?

    The knife was £140 + $25 for the amboyna scales

    No one has had a guess at my nationality yet!?!?

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