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Thread: 270/223 reloading

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    270/223 reloading

    right lads i,m looking for a little help here i,ve just read another thread and i,m a touch worried i,ve just started reloading my 270 and soon i want to do my 223 but i got some powder off my mate and he said it,s spot on got these calibre,s but the thread i just read said it,s to fast (varget what i,m looking to do is find a powder for both calibre,s i,m useing a 223 ruger with 55gr v-max and a tikka t3 lite 270 with 130 soft points what powders would u recomend for these and if possible could i get one that will do both .
    i was told that IMR4064 WOULD BE GOOD FOR THE 270

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    not really compatible powder sharers

    .270 I have - N160 is what I plumped for. RL19/22, H4831 are all good choices
    none of which are really .223 material

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    I agree with Brewser500. N160 would be my first try for the 270. Ive not loaded for 223 but the powder would need to have a faster burn rate than N160

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    Not the way I’d go personally, but IMR 4895 will do for Rem 223 55gn and Win 270 130gn.


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    .270 N160 or H4831 and I run my 22-250 on Varget I think your better off getting a powder specific to do the job intended. I dare say there is a powder that may do both but are you losing performance for the sake of using 1 powder in both calibers??

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    i used varget for .223 with 55 vmax
    one of my OLD loads from MY old REM LRT

    very accurate load for the 55 V-Max

    .223 1-9 twist

    25.0 Varget
    norma brass neck sized
    CCI sr
    55 .224 dia V-Max
    2.260 COL
    never crono'd it but it was a cracking foxer load

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    cheers lads .right so were looking at 2 differant powders now we have worked on the one thats the vargets good for the 55 v-mas on the 223 and were now looking for the powder for the 270
    now the thing i need to work out is the next powder for the 270 . N160 so far has a few vote,s

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    After all the obsessive load development and load tweaking I've done for my.270s over the last few years, H4831 has, by a small margin, given the most consistent results with the least variation between rounds and batches - plus no differences whatsoever between H4831 and H4831SC. That said, N160 and RL22 have been very good too. I have found that all give slightly better consistency with CCI BR2 primers.

    Recently I've been playing with Ramshot Hunter powder (because it's 8/lb cheaper than the Hodgdon powder locally) and getting very good results - I'm usually looking for 3000 feet per second with a 130gn bullet and the Ramshot powder hits the mark at a very reasonable 32 a pound.

    Try Reloder 10X in your .223 - it's the best powder I found for maximum speed and consistency in that calibre.

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    i use 24.4 grains of N130 in .223 manliccher with 50 grain v-max works works for me, fast and accurate round for foxing

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    I also use N160 for both 270 and 243. It works and I see no need to change.

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