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Thread: Sellers beware!!!!!

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    Sellers beware!!!!!

    Guys, I advertised an FAC Air Rifle for sale on this site, had a guy call me last week to buy it, he traveled an hour and a half or so he said to get the gun from me. He agreed to buy the gun, when I asked for his FAC to complete the transaction he said he didn't know he needed it to buy a firearm, and said he had left it at home. Asked me to sell him the gun and he would call me later with his certificate number. I refused and explained why, not risking my license or 7yrs in the nick...

    Okay he said, I will come back tomorrow with my FAC, guess what. Not heard from him since.

    I spoke with my local Firearms dept yesterday and they appeared unconcerned.

    Sellers beware, I checked him out on this site, he had never posted and is either naive or trying his best to get a Firearm via the backdoor.

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    Can you PM me the username please.



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    i bet that was an unpleasant discussion.

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    Bizarrely he appeared unconcerned, just said I will come back for it tomorrow afternoon and never did, I left him a voice message saying call me so i can check what slots you have on your FAC before you travel again and never heard anything back.

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    He probably went into the post office hoping to pick a licence up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post
    He probably went into the post office hoping to pick a licence up?
    Yes, they only cost 10/-

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    Whilst your firearms licensing might have appeared unconcerned, please report the matter to the police (not feo) it is a criminal offence and yoh have his details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    Yes, they only cost 10/-
    Oh, they've gone up since my renewal!
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    unfortuantely being stupid is not yet an offence.

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    if it was we'd need new politicians!

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