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Thread: Done my good deed for the year....

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    Done my good deed for the year....

    Yesterday afternoon took my dad pigeon shooting on some stubble, had a great time - didn't shoot many as like most pigeon shooters will say there is so much food around that one shot and they were gone for half an hour or so...

    At five we packed up having shot a dozen or so, got everything in the 4 x 4 and decided to go have a look around and see how far the havesting had progressed (this perm is half dairy/wheat) so after driving around and seeing the extent of the fields harvested we headed home back along one of the tracks, turned the corner and a fairly largish woman was shaking her head, screaming, and then dropped rolled, got up screamed and whilst all this was happening was waving her arms franticly.

    She had been picking fruit and had disturbed a wasps nest, we drove to within 40yards and could see her and her dog were now covered in hundreds of wasps. So my father jumped out and shouted for her to run to the maize at the top of the field (200 yards) as he did the wasps turned on us and she ran, he jumped back in and we drove around her and carried on quickly to the top of the field to help. She eventually got to the top of the field having stopped a couple of times (to call her dog - a daft yorkie) to which we shouted to her to carry on. When she got to us she was a right mess, and still covered in hundreds of wasps.

    I told her to run around in the maize as it would knock them off of her, and to not stop until she could not hear buzzing. After 2-3 minutes of running around she emerged, very distressed, crying and looking very puffed up. My dad then used his baseball cap (cammo cap) to knock another 2-3 hundred wasps off of her from under her arm pits, neck and back. Her under arms were running with blood and her face looked like it was starting to swell up. having got what we could see off, l gave her some kitchen roll used usually for dabbing out blood form deer carcasses. She jump on board and we went to get the dog - which incidently had sat still, was still covered - my dad again jumped out (this being only 20 yards form the nest) swiped them all off with his cap - threw that on board and we rushed her to Stoke Mandeville A & E and walked her in in full cammo (minus jacket).

    Two paramedic's took her off of us and said she was going into shock, and we then finally left them to it. Then on the way back dropped her dog off at her home with her lodger!

    So i reckon l've done my good deed!

    Her friend rang last night to say she was home, and was stung 308 times - ouch -

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    From the sounds of it you've certainly done your good deed for the year!! That must have been a nightmare scenario. After reading about the Yorskhire farmer who was stung to death by bees yesterday, that lady (and her Yorkie) owes you a huge vote of thanks.


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    Well done Tommo I bet you dad has never taken his hat off like that for a lady before! she was very lucky you were there could have been a lot more serious if not.

    308 stings she was lucky it was not a bigger calibre.


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    I dont think l've ever seen my dad move so fast,

    it was only on the way back form the hospital that he too mentioned the farmer that had died....

    When her friend rang last night and said she was stung that many times - l rang my dad to tell him - must admit l was smiling at 308!


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    Well done, how many people wouldn't have stopped to help.

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    You have to ask the question - which A&E nurse was counting the stings, and why? Perhaps it helps with their targets - 308 injuries treated?

    Well done T - probably saved her life.

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    bound to have been an administrator, they do b......r all else

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    well done T i take my hat off to you !!

    i tell you what you have to be carfull , there are alot of wasps about this year !

    cheers lee

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    years ago my cousins and i had been fishing on the river Ithon
    when a herd of cattle suddenly appeared from no where
    at this my elder cousin slid down the bank into the river disturbing a wasp's nest
    my other cos caught the full effects
    hearing him screaming in pain i ran at the cows to scare them enough so i could reach my cos
    i dragged him 100+ yards over 2 styles and across the river trying to evade the wasps that were pursuing us
    half drowning him and beating the crap out of him, whislt trying to kill the wasps that were still on him
    we eventually got to my grandad's who then helped rush him to hospital as shock had certainly set in
    i don't remember to acurrate sting count but it was around the 500+ mark
    he was very lucky that day
    i believe the threshold for life or death is 300 stings i might be mistaken
    a sting count might of been the reason he is still alive today as they knew how much to treat him
    i still get the blame for losing half his fishing tackle he left behind that we never recovered
    you did a grand job and more than likely saved her life
    well done

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    Nice one Tommo Snr, ok Tommo Jnr also. Good job, i hope the Yorkie owner is eternally gratefull to you both.
    Where did Snr learn the "run through the maize" trick from?

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