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Thread: Input required - Roe Sack

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    Input required - Roe Sack

    Esteemed members of the forum,

    Pietas Venatores as you may have gathered, is committed to designing and producing very high quality gear that is 'fit for purpose', not disposable low quality gear full of features that never get used.

    We are liaising with local producers in the UK (as we believe in producing locally and stimulating the local economy), to create the best possible Roe Sack for the stalking community.

    I therefore would like to ask the SD forum members if they have any features they particularly like or would like to see incorporated!

    I would like to ask any suggestions are PM'd rather than posted, as clearly we would like to keep our product developments a somewhat secret until we launch our finalised product.

    We would also like to donate 1 from the sale of every Roe Sack once developed to the Stalking Directory for the help in design (assuming we do get some responses!).

    Thank you for your help in anticipation,

    Best regards,

    Team PV

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    I would advise to spend your R&D time and money elsewhere mate. You only have to visit the IWA show in Germany to see just how many variations of roe sacks are currently available throughout Europe.

    A friend has just started importing Italian made ones and the quality and pricing are probably going to be unbeatable.

    And no, I have no affiliation with his business!

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    Deako , no offence meant to you chap who imports his gear .

    But being British I'd rather buy a British made product , with materials sourced from this country . What your talking about here is proper manufacturing . Pv's products are excellent quality . Personally I don't use a roe sack . But if I did I'd be chatting to Peter about one of these .

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    No offence taken Sir!

    I think there will always be a market for top quality kit. However, I really do not believe there would be sufficient demand for top quality manufactured roe sacks unless the price was very, very reasonable.

    I wish PV every success should they go ahead though!

    ​PS...I don't use a roe sack either!

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    Thank you for your kind comments, they are greatly appreciated. As is all the input coming into my inbox at an alarming rate.


    I appreciate your comments, genuinely; however, my experiences with roe sacks acquired over the years is that (at least from products available in the UK) 90% are not of high enough quality, and there are issues in construction that make them inconvenient to carry, use, damage stocks, cheap leather, or straps that don't sit well, etc. etc. etc.

    We are not planning on launching just 'another' roe sack, but one which has already been thought through quite considerably to include some unique features that others simply do not have, and then add some features from the 'wish list' that is coming from the SD members to my inbox.

    It may be a crowded market place, but I believe there is scope for an all round better product, particularly suited to the UK stalkers requirements.

    Thank you once again for your input gents, keep it coming,



    ​MD - PV

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    Cheers Peter, look forward to seeing the finished product.

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