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Thread: HS Precision stocks and bottom metal

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    HS Precision stocks and bottom metal

    I have for sale 2 HS precision stocks, both are SA.

    The one on the right of the picture is BLACK and brand new and never used although considered second hand due to me owning it:rolleyes:. Just a little dusty at the moment. 190 Posted RMSD

    The left one is BLACK with a GREEN web effect on it. It is used and has also been bedded. SOLD

    The bottom metal is the Remington aluminium trigger guard and floor plate (new). It will come with a spring (used) and a black box magazine. 70 Posted
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    ...will you be giving any clues as to the action length, or is a big hammer required

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    Am I being dense or is the dusty one for sale still? Looking for one for sps tactical .308 sa heavy barrel, usually bdl configuration I believe.


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    sorry it is gone

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