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Thread: Chiller Hang Time

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    Chiller Hang Time

    Having just got my first chiller can anyone tell me if there is a maximum time a carcass can hang for within a chiller. Ie is there a legal maximum before going to a dealer or being butchered?



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    Hang mine between 3 to 14 days . Not sure about a maximum.
    Atb Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by SussexFallow View Post
    Hang mine between 3 to 14 days . Not sure about a maximum.
    Atb Steve
    + 1 but a little longer wont hurt if its still in the skin.
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    Just had a fallow in for 9 days no problem and didn't even have the chiller switched on its been that cold !!

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    I have hung sika for 21 days with the skin on and they are great eating but skin off and they dry up like an old prune.
    my chill is fairly old I am sure the new ones have all sorts of fancy gadgets to stop the carcus drying out.


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    Remember to cool the carcass slowly else you will make the meat tough. Something to do with the muscles not being able relax. Dave Stretton reccomends to turn the chiller on when putting the carcass in then they cool at a steadier rate. Someone else may be able to give some more detail to this.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies.

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    i do muntjac for 5 days
    roe for 7-14 days
    fallow for 10-14 days
    depending on size/age of animal
    kept at 6c in the fur , i sometimes use a 50/50% vinegar /water mix to wipe the inside of the carcass out if hanging for a longer time to prevent any mould growth
    on the inside of the carcuss [note when i do this the fresh /clean cloth i will use is only damp NOT wet i dont want to promote a bacterial bloom ]
    ive been doing this for many years ,i must add this is for my own consumption and only my opinion
    ​hope this helps

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    agree fully with all previous members.
    important point is always keep the skin on.
    personally i always hang my sika deer in a cool room for atleast 2 weeks.

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    Venison and indeed any dark game meat can hang for up to 4 weeks in a chiller. I used to hang lambs for 10 days without any problems whatsoever.
    Venison does tend to dry out if skinned,especially with condensor fanned internal chiller units.

    If carcasses are going to dealers I keep them as short a time as possible, but for home use 7 - 14 days is about right.

    Personally I have never found rapid chilling to have any influence on meat texture or toughness. I believe the events immediately before the animals death to have a greater bearing on that aspect.

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