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Thread: The 'Flyer' effect from 1st bullet when zeroing

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    The 'Flyer' effect from 1st bullet when zeroing

    Hi lads is there any way to over come the 'flyer effect' from the first bullit down a cold barrel?
    sometimes this could mean the first bullet hitting 2-3" at 2 o'clock off centre
    while the next 2 bullets have a a half inch grouping nearer ctr!
    any advice appreciated.

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    Leave the barrel dirty and ready to go.

    My own rifle would only throw a bullet if the barrel was scrubbed clean, Just a cloth patch through to clean up a bit made no difference

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    Clean rifle, zero with chosen ammo - so long as its not too many rounds and leave it alone. Don't clean it until its actually required, usually around 30 - 40 rounds.
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    Before I use my rifle and a clean I parch out with meths then patch out till dry. Ive never had a "flyer" after cleaning, just when I wobble.... Some rifles however will always need a fouling shot.


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    My barrels are always dirty anyways and it's the cold shot that counts ain't it ?
    .25 06 has it nailed I would think .

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    The worrying thing is that's also your first shot when stalking...

    Is it cold barrel or cold, clean barrel? if the latter, then as above leave dirty and then rezero and see if that makes a difference. If the former, then you could be in trouble as 2-3" at 100yds (I'm assuming 100yds) is a chunk more at say 200, and that's the difference between a clean kill and a number of sleepless nights

    Hope it works out quickly for you

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    Cheers lads to all advice so far.
    cleaning cud be the issue but the question is how often should one clean a barrel?
    i have a sako finnbear 270 and stalk atleast once a week but only might have fired 20-25 rounds since last oct!

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    I clean my 22-250 after every outing whether 1 round fired or thirty and always if it was damp.
    Puts the first shot into the same place as subsequent ones.
    I always patch out dry after a final brush out with a pleasant solvent (I use Ed's Red but Hoppes #9 same procedure) and leave it.
    People say always shoot a round first but I'm confident of the rig and know first round is in the group.

    I'd clean the barrel and patch out dry: then pop a target off a bench or bag and see what happens...

    Spot the cold shot: 100 yards off bipod from a sheep "poo" covered hillock.
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    It's not the flyer....
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    cheers mate. interesting. will do.

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    You should clean the rifle every time to avoid any rusty spots. A light wipe over and a dry patch through it.

    I would keep shooting the rifle until the accuracy drops off. be it a couple of boxes or a batch of bullets

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