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Thread: New member introduction.

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    New member introduction.

    Hello, I am new-ish to stalking, although I have done a wee bit in the dim, distant, past, and have an ambition to do some more now I have the time with retirement looming. I thought I should get myself properly trained - so I am doing my DSC1 later this year (my son did his a month or so ago and highly recommended it as a 'way in' rather than just start shooting deer). I currently have a .17HMR an .22LR for varminting with openings for .243 and .308 and mods on my FAC. I have an eye for a Steyr Mannlicher in .243 in the first instance and, once I get into it, plan to up-gun and add the .308. I have almost a lifetime's experience of small arms, thanks to Her Majesty. I am in occassionally sunny, but mostly wet, Cornwall . Any hints,tips and guidance welcome for an old 'new' boy.

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    Welcome to the SD ,I have had 3 steyrs and still have 2 in 6.5 and 308 .one or two members down your way should be able to get you a stalk or two certainly a few deer last time I visited fowey on holiday .

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Norma .308,

    Thanks for the welcome - and the reply. Nothing worse than standing around in a room full of strangers waiting for someone to come and talk to you! I have looked at stalking rifles for some time and came slowly to the conclusion that for a mid-priced rifle with sound and proven engineering, the SM range would offer me both rifles from the same stable. I am not at all inot American rifles, and Eropean was a 'must have'. I initally was going for a 6.5 but was talked out of it at my local gunshop, Helston Gunsmiths (ever been?) because ammunition might not be as readily available and in the same range as .243. How have you found that issue? I had my FAC varied to swap to a .243 but that doesn't make it a done deal. The variation only took Devon and Cornwall Constab 2 weeks to turn around. I did read just recently about 'wobbly stocks' in some SM models. What is yoru experience /view of that? What model rifles do you have - Pro Hunter? Any advice welcome. Thanks again for chatting with the 'new boy'.

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    Hi John,

    Thanks for the words of welcome. Nothing worse than posting and no bugger replies! 'Tis a while since I was in Inversneckie (and you are north of that - where? on the Black Isle?) but it is a lovely part of the world. Having spent most of my adult life in Scotland (and a Scottish regiment) I miss it a great deal. Cornwall, while warmer, is twice as wet - but I'll be back up there to live in due course, i hope. Once the job gives me up we'l be making tracks for 'home'. Thanks again for the welcome.

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