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Thread: New truck

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    New truck

    Im in the market for a new truck
    Always had land dogs but fancy a change
    My mate reckons L200 is the way to go
    I had a look at teh Navara but heard some horro stories
    Our Huntsmen have the new 3 litre Hi lux and they seem pretty bullet proof
    But i keep driving pat the landrover dealers and keep faling in love with a 110 double cab which would tick all the boxes
    So its a toss up beteweenthe good old land dog or the toyota
    Any comments guys
    Anybody running a toyota double cab?

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    I have had landys for the past 11 years i use them every day i do fencing there used on all ground types and trailer work .
    I looked at toyota and nissans and the rest they are comfay to drive but i find them a bit soft but every one to there own its what you want and its your choice . For me its landy all the way .

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    Toyota! Jap reliability, far greater comfort than the landy but the landy is so british!
    If you do any longer journeys and or much road work i would go Toyota. i love mine. just as capable as landys whatever anyone says. Mines been through the landy off road course at Eastnor.

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    Dont know about the Toyota but for any amount of road work go Jap! If its all off road go Landy (because i have a soft spot for them)

    I run a new L200 (replacing a 90) and its in a different league on road.

    Off road when you put decent all terrains on there they are good enough.

    Id say not as good as landys when you want to do something essentially foolish because they dont have the suspension travel but in every day situations i reckon they are easily as good.

    In all fairness i havent tied the new defenders though but you will get a Jap for less money.

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    new truck

    Speaking as a stalker with Landroveritis, I think there is nothing to touch em off road, I have suffered the long trip to Arran in mine & would do it again, my pals L200 has suffered a few periods of downtime & has a poorer turn circle than a Landy, some minor defects some major, Landy no downtime apart from an overnight stay in a deep ditch in the ice & snow,

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    Big price difference between the L/Rover double cab and anything else. Have you looked at the Ford Ranger? I had a SupaCab version for my last work truck and I was very pleased with it. The FC use plenty of them and I know for a fact that they get abused (but well serviced) and they seem to take it. JC

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    The leg space in the back of most crew/double cabs is awful for anyone taller than 5 foot. The rear seat in a Landrover crew cab is just aboout the worst.

    Off road the Landie is hard to beat. On the road, I woould rather have an SUV. Depends on what you need most, on or offroad capability.

    The Disco III is hard to beat as an all rounder. If the budget will run to it, a 3 year old version can be had for 16-18K.

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    new truck

    Also did Arran in a disco V8, gloriously comfy, just can't wash em out with a hose, or stand on the roof!!

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    I've had a navara for 7 years now from new and i can honestly say its never let me down ever,it was recalled after about a year something to do with the timing chain but other than that it's been good as gold.I dont know what the L200 engines are like now but i was also looking at them at the time when i went for the navara they were like dinosaurs in comparison.Don't think you'll beat any jap for reliability.
    ATB Neil

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    I got a new L200 its 18 months old and been faultless, love it to bits. Much better steering lock and economy than the previous model. Car like to drive, seats 5 and all dogs and deer in the back not stinking you out.
    I've got Bfg's on mine and it p***es all over the Navara I had before off road, but it wouldn't live with a landy 90 off road but at least you can use the steering wheel without having to open the window

    On most of our ground if its that wet and muddy I dont think the farmers want you driving around anyway so we use the quad.
    On a long trip the japs win every time. A mate of mine has a 90 the same age which we took one stalking trip, I hated it with a passion by the end of the weekend, no bloody room and they cant even invent something to hold the door open when you get out stupid little thing but it nearly drove me mad

    I looked at the new Hilux very nice truck and almost got one BUT the L200 has the edge with their 4WD drive system you can leave it in 4WD permanently if you want good on slippy roads or towing, dont think any of the other Japs you can do this. The other difference between the L200 and the Hilux is the size the Hilux is nearly 18"s longer an advantage for some but not for others???

    Since I have owned shoguns,Navaras and L200's I get a lot of stalking in,
    when I owned a Landy all I ever done was work on it


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