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Thread: Civvy club Pershore?

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    Civvy club Pershore?

    Does anyone know if there are any civvy rifle clubs who use the MOD range in Pershore, Worcestershire?

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    id be intrested to, i didnt no there was a range in pershore

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    +1, would be interested, again didn't know there was a range in pershore???

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    All you'll find in pershore is yellow bloods... (Sorry flytie) there is the gun club at norton barracks if that's what your thinking of? Home

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    If you look on google earth, on the South West corner,of tidsley woods you'll find a 600m range. I would think most locals have to remove their trigger guards to pull the trigger guards.....!
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    I used to work out of Malvern and Tidsley Wood was active maybe fifteen - twenty years back but there was some rumours about it being shut down. I didn't shoot there but some friends did. Tried the BASC list or the NRA? They ought to have a listing of the clubs. I think Worcester Norton did shoot there.

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    Did some work by there about 2 years ago and i could hear some shooting , Thought is was a mod range though ?

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    If no one uses it what would be the harm in making enquires if its available to lease it?

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    is its still owned by the mod,

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    The Worcester Norton club used to use the range from time to time. I believe the range has closed and the land has now been sold off to the farmer who owns the land around it. Have you had a look at Kingsbury ranges as they are much closer to Solihull? Look up Offas Dyke Rifle Club if you are looking for some long range target shooting as they have regular shoots on MOD ranges around the country.

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