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Thread: Swarovski spotting scope.

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    Swarovski spotting scope.

    I have a Swarovski HDS80 angled scope with a 20-60 zoom eyepiece with a Swarovski tripod and fluid head. It has a genuine Swarovski body protector in green cushioned hard wearing matierial. Also an Opticron window mount. All as new in boxes and never been used other than perving from my house!!! Offers or a swap please? Thanks.

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    Still for sale?

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    Hi Red- Dot,

    Is this still available?


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    I configured a direct replacement at 2,300 and the Perth Swarovski shop where I bought it offered 1,300 in a trade in so it is for sale at a wee bit over that. The same body and 20-60 fetched 1,500 on EBay last week.

    OOPS.... Big typo. It's a ATS ATS ATS!!
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    I made a mistake in the listing the scope is an ATS80.
    Tripod is a Swarovski2 with a fluid head.
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    In 99.9% as new condition.... thanks for the swap offers but i am really looking to sell it to fund a Sauer on SD.

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    Is it a ats 80 hd?
    ​is it still for sale? Cheers

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    No it is not the HD. I could not see any claimed clarity or justify the cost.

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    Would Graeme from Edinburgh please get back in touch please?

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    I am back and I have a Sauer .243 in hand... If your keen for swapping again?

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